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 Commonwealth of the Sonran Cluster

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PostSubject: Commonwealth of the Sonran Cluster   Tue May 07, 2013 5:22 pm

Faction Name:

Official Name: Commonwealth of the Sonran Cluster
Other Name(s): Commonwealth of Sonra, Sonran

Faction Type: Federation of Planets unified under a central democratic government

41% Telian
29% Lamansci
20% Cxami
10% Other races

Total Population: 27 Billion


The four founding colonies are:

Telia (capital)
Abriel (Industry)
Erios-3, (agricultural)
Klaxos-7 (Scientific/commerce)

There is also a number of space stations which include:-

Abriel’s Torus, commonly called the ‘Torbia’ is a large Metallic ring running around the planet which serves as a giant shipyard, although still under construction it is estimated that in a hundred years time, the Torbia will be able to house an extra two hundred and fifty billion souls and able to build Behemoth classes, however as the shipyard and the basic core ring is only being built, this will take a large time.

Saint Gelica Starbase, Located at the last Navigational beacon which once guided traders into the Sonra, this starbase now stands as the home base of the UCSN where USPACECOM is located although

There are 15 other minor colonies that are considered under Commonwealth Protection, however a good number of these are mining worlds which were destroyed during the Founding of the Commonwealth the only colony in question which has been ‘wiped off the map’ is:-

Leino-4 (Militarised world, Location within cluster: Unknown)

Culture: Culturally the Commonwealth is designed around a number of views: vigilance, survival and indeed adaptability. This has meant that despite the fact that Sonran Cluster has stabilised in recent decades, the Commonwealth still has National Service where in any civilian wishing to become a citizen (allowing the right to vote and ownership of private vessels) must serve in a full tour of duty.

Each colony respectfully keeps up their own cultures be it the Lamansci houses all vying for positions of power in the Caste chamber all the way through to sights of beaches on Telia on the first day of summer filled with sunbathers, tourists and indeed holiday goers. In short, the pirate attacks and raids do not seem to get to these people, instead they seem to stand to it with during some more slaver strikes citizens actually taking up arms and driving them off.


The President and the Administration

These two areas can easily be divided further into 5 catagories.

The President and the Aides
The Judicary
The State council
The Assembly

These will be covered below:

The President and the Aides

The head of state in the Commonwealth, the President of the Sonran Cluster and Commander in chief of the UCAF is the highest position a Citizen of the Commonwealth can hold. Protected by the 1st Presidential Guard (1 section and 1 Battalion under the control of the Presidential Captain at arms) which are marked by their deep blue armour on both the ships and the troops and indeed the retinue of the President tends to have at least twenty aides of various specialities which advise the President on how to proceed. The election process of this is one vote for one candidate and the selection process is handled by the Presidential Selection court from approximately two hundred applications, this entire process can take up to a year to finish but the entire groundwork is normally in place for a six month election campaign.

Once elected the President will serve a single 10 year term in which they will have the powers of:
Tabling Bills of parliament for major policy points
Overruling Parliament’s decisions
Opening and closing Parliament
Ownership of the Presidential Palace
Overseeing Commonwealth military policy and deployments

The Judicary

The Judicary is part of the Presidential side rather than the administration and keeps it’s monarch tradition back when the Telia had a functioning monarch. It is the court of laws that spread across commonwealth space. However because each colony has it’s own court structure, the Telia courts it should be noted are considered higher than the colony courts. It normally follows this court hierarchy:-

  • The King’s/Queen’s Court (8 Very senior judges, covers all cases of law. The President can request their ruling on a decision during an election or they can overrule it on a decision)
  • The Telia High court (Covers Criminal, civil cases and Colony rulings which are deemed breaching laws set down by parliament)
  • The Telia Court of law/ the Telia court of rights (Criminal/civil ‘low’ court)
  • Colony high courts (varies from world to world)
  • Colony low courts (Varies from world to world)

There are two types of Lawyers.

Royal solicitors (who represent you in the top three)
Solicitors (who represent clients in bottom two)


State council

The State council is a chamber which serves as the 'upper house' of the commonwealth parliament and contains 100 representatives from all areas which are evenly distributed depending on a Proportional Representative system of the Assembly election. The chamber though also has a representative from each colony so currently has about 4 members EXCEPT for Telia's representative which serves as the speaker for the chamber and is appointed by the Incoming/incumbent Prime Minister with approval from the President and the advice of the chamber.

It is the State council's job to make sure that a law is 'practical and workable' for the good of the commonwealth and while there have been some rogue bills pass through most have seen some amendments happen or even a bill being outright rejected sending it back to the Assembly. Something which can cause a 'ping pong' like problem until either the bill is approved or the assembly use their 'council overrule' power to get the bill the royal seal. This was the case during the passing of the regulative economics bill.

The State council despite being the inferior house in terms of parliament is held with higher regard during ceremonies because of it's past as the nobility chamber. And thus they tend to be the first in when either a Presidential commission or if the President summons parliament. Members here are called 'councillors'

The Assembly

The Superior chamber or the 'Commonwealth Assembly' is the main cog in the system of government, any and all Laws are approved by this chamber unless it has been delegated (even then a debate/ vote of rejection can be called by the assembly if they believe said delegation is unlawful) Unlike the council (referred to as the 'Colonial chamber') the representatives in this chamber are elected using a first past the post system and are divided up into 500 constituencies which are spread around the commonwealth and it's sovereign colonies it is this chamber which also has to have a coalition formed of at least three of the seven parties and has at least 60% (or 300) of the seats in parliament, these parties are:-

  • The Peoples Reform party (Extreme left) are the ones that believe that the corporations should be shut down and all workers should get an equal share in the profit a.k.a communist party
  • The Socialist party (far left) believe that socialism should be applied on a greater scale with increased taxes flowing into health, education and public services.
  • The Theocratic and religious party (middle Left) are religious reformists believing that the Commonwealth should lead but mostly with greater church approval
  • The Labour and workers society (centre Left) These are the normal Reformists who believe that socially the Commonwealth should help everyone, one of the large parties.
  • The Centre Unionist Party (Centre) These are the 'sit on the fence' members, usually independents are included here as well, These are normally the largest party and serve as ‘kingmakers’ for prime ministers.
  • Equa-rights (Centre) These are the loudest political party, who believe in Equality in the commonwealth amongst all races integrated.
  • The Commonwealth Conservative Party (centre Right) These are the members who believe the Commonwealth shouldn't change much, but are more open to change than the Militarists.
  • The Military Patriots (middle Right) These are the militaries representatives in parliament, while they would like Royalty to return they put military policies first.
  • The Economic movement Party (Far right) believe in more powers for the corporations and the private sector and less public service and government control.
  • The Sonra Nationalist Party (Extreme right) believe in a policy called ‘sonra first’ in which there should be no foreign contact outside of the cluster.

Although there are smaller parties in each province, most of said small parties tend to keep to the umbrella parties. Most governments form a coalition with the Liberals, Centralists and Conservatives because they encompass around the 60% number needed. Give or take 10%. Although some more radical governments have been able to add either the militarists or Theocrats they tend to fall apart with a vote of no confidence.

Despite being the Superior chamber, they still keep up the old Monarch Traditions by having the President’s speech in the old Royal Chamber and they even keep up the whole tradition of the opening and closing of parliament. There are still people that would like the Monarch back, but they are a vast dwindling number.


TR Overview:

Biology - TR 2
Chemistry - TR 3
Data - TR 4
Fields - TR 3
Kinetics - TR 4
Particles - TR 2

Primary Techs:

  • Artificial Intelligance, (Data TR 4) despite putting up a suitable defence of their worlds, the Commonwealth of Sonra back when it was still in it’s infancy were using outdated and civilian communications systems which the pirates were able to disrupt rather easily, indeed, if it wasn’t for Doctor Zein’kila of Ipec Serene who created the first thinking Artificial intelligance. What followed after this first AI development was the creation of an interface AI, or Artificial General intelligance called AURA (for the Armed Forces) OPHILIA (For civilian use) and finally PANDORA (for the use of the intelligance services, the Marshal and the President)

    The development of these systems have also lead to the creation of automated drone platforms and aircraft designed to provide support to the Commonwealth Armed Forces that use them. The Intelligance Squads that work with Artificial Intelligances on electronic warfare suites tend to call themselves ‘splicers’ and it is this cooperation between man and machine that allows the Commonwealth’s intelligance service to be able to run so efficiently.

  • Since the dawn of the Commonwealth, there was a concentrated effort to develop and improve upon the United commonwealth militaries weapons and armour across the board as the unreliability and sole focus on now unstable and outdated Nuclear technology came to a close, the Ipecac Serene weapons laboratory, a military owned facility, finished a replacement technology to the old Reactors. This replacement was Special Electro-Dynamo Reactors (Fields TR 3, Chemistry TR 3) where two specially designed Nyrium (A special metal, which if two smoothed out bars of the same metal are rubbed together can generate alot of energy) Wheels spin. The size of said wheels (and how many reactors are needed) all depend on the ship. There is normally a Breeder Reactor that will power the initial warmup of the rings as well.

  • Synapse Industries Spacial Distortion Field Warp (Fields TR 3), in short bubble warp any ship above Frigate can form a 'bubble' around the ship which bends space and time allow the ship to travel faster but not at the level of FTL and indeed travel from one system to the next can take weeks even years to do (Depending on the distance, between the three systems currently it's about a good day from one system to the next) Ships do have to power up the engine however and cannot simply form the bubble, if interrupted during this process then

Technology of UCGF - The Ground Forces technology vary, it has only been as of late and a determined push by the Commonwealth’s Defense of the Realm Ministry that all soldiers (and indeed vehicles) were equipped with the latest Mass Acceleration technology (Kinetics TR 4) developed in a joint technological bid by Synapse Industries and the Ipec Serene Military research company these weapons has since been able to bring a number of battlehardened pirate groups in the area to heel. Body Armour wise the UCGF tends to go for more ablative body armour, with either a sealed or non-sealed variant of said armour does exist for marine operations.

Commonwealth Vehicles are however a variant arrangement of types and indeed in some of the more outer reach areas they appear to convert civilian vehicles ranging from three door cars all the way through to heavy duty lorries for military use. In fact the Commonwealth Defence of the Cluster act of 5 ACW states that any civilian motor can be called up for Commonwealth Military duty. This act alone has meant that the Commonwealth engineers developed all sorts of templates regarding retrofitting, including a three seater scout car with a drone controlled chaingun on top.

The pinnacle of Commonwealth technology however is in their drone technology, to complement the sometimes lack of men on the ground, the Commonwealth employ unmanned AI armour elements into the battlefield. Although they still use treads, the AI units which control the tanks, artillery pieces, tend to be cutting edge with adaptation common.

In regards to aircraft however the Commonwealth use a combination of pilot based fighter-bombers (Commonly called the Sonra Typhoon) along with AI controlled CAS, Carpet bombing and indeed scout gunship controls.

Technology of UCSN - The UCSN’s technology is at best strange, the more combat oriented vessels tend to be very state of the art for the Commonwealth. But as a standard rule all UCSN vessels, even if they are retrofitted use these technologies:

  • Mass Acceleration Weapons, the most common weapon in the Commonwealth. In short the onboard weapons AGI is able to fire the weapons at a fairly decent accuracy when the vessel get’s within a 200 km range.
  • Another common weapon is the use of missiles on alot of Vessels, these tend to come in a variety of sizes however they tend to come in three common types, Dumb, Guided and finally Bombardment. Although there are a large variety of makes the most common types are classified under Wasp (dumb), Eagle (guided) and Hawk (Bombardment)
  • Kinetic Reactors
  • An AURA coordination unit along with a shipboard AI
  • A hydrogen based fusion engine, although in the case of suicide freighter runs the fuel is changed somewhat to give it a larger explosion, just for extra effect.

Following that there is a significant variation of technologies in which the UCSN has, most of these tend to be reverse engineered technologies that have been acquired off the pirates, however a few distinct developments are not reverse engineered. The first is the unmanned star fighter and bomber drones, these apply the use of drones to a greater extent by being relatively cheap and easy to produce, although the Navy does apply these units for support for the heavily armoured pilot manned starfighters.

Military Forces:

The Official name for the Military of the Commonwealth is the United commonwealth Armed Forces, however this force is branched into two seperate wings:-

United Commonwealth Ground Force - Commonly referred to as the UCGF, the ground forces of the Commonwealth are in short the combination of Infantry, Mechanised, Planetary Based Airbourne and Droptroopers housed under one roof, however most Ground Force armies be they defensive or offensive are divided up into

Infantry Division (marines are included in this division)
Mechanised Division
Airbourne Division
Drop Division
Logistics Division
Local Security Division
Special Forces (considered under the command of Inops)

Tactics of UCGF - The Tactics of the UCGF tend to vary on the size of the force that has been deployed and how they are scattered on a world. Because of their more practical nature and Artificial Intelligance Support Drones it is not uncommon for the Commonwealth to use their support drones as a distraction while a Battle Group outflanks the enemy army. Another common tactic of the UCGF is applying bluff and guerilla tactics an example of this would be retrofitting a variety of vehicles and pretending to be a civilian convoy, which would then reveal itself to be a military force with a variety of weaponry. These sort of tactics are common until the Ground Force can suitably deploy their mechanised or airborne divisions which tend to use a more surgical strike based tactics against critical points in the enemy lines and supply chains to disrupt the enemy or make their army appear much larger then it actually is.

Army sizes of the UCGF

  • Squad (8 Troopers, 4 drones)
  • Platoon (32 troopers, 16 drones commanded by a lieutenant and a Sergeant Major)
  • Company (128 Troopers, 64 drones, commanded by a Major)
  • Battalion (512 Troopers, 256 drones, commanded by a Captain)
  • Regiment (2048 Troopers, 1024 Drones, commanded by a lieutenant colonel)
  • Battle Group (8192 Troopers, 4092 drones, commanded by Colonel)
  • Army (120,531 troopers, 60,250 drones commanded by a general)

Rank Structure of UCGF:

National Service Ranks:

Private first class


Trooper First class
Master Trooper


Staff Sergeant
Master Sergeant

Officer Ranks:

Lieutenant First class
Lieutenant Colonel
Planetary General
UCGF Marshal

United Commonwealth Space Navy - the UCSN is the Commonwealth’s primary space force, along within the navy is the Intelligance Operations (or INOPS) division, the military intelligance of the entire commonwealth. It is this space navy which not just protects the Sovereign space but is considered the tip of the Commonwealth’s spear regarding invasions and anti-piracy operations.

At the very start of the Commonwealth, the UCSN were not made up of the military designed vessels that it is today, instead having to rely on old Merchant vessels from Abriel, hastily refitted into combat orientated vessels, a common example is the oldest carrier design ‘Bishop’ class in which the military repurposed large Warp freighters normally designed to move small freighters from one planet to the next. Indeed, until Abriel’s Torbia Foundries (Siege of Abriel 1-3 ACW) were secure the UCSN only had one dreadnought ‘The Wolf’s gaze’ once the foundries were secure combat orientated vessels of the line were built at the city world.

Despite this, the UCSN still retrofit out a number of the merchant vessels for military use when the need arises, indeed a good number of the reserves are Merchant vessels that are called up and then placed in drydock naval facilities for the time when they are needed again.

Tactics of UCSN - The UCSN’s despite having the term United in it has a very loose fleet structure, with various fleets normally being divided up and sometimes merging altogether when there is a need for it. This allows a greater flexibility for deployment and when troops are needed in a variety of places but only from one fleet. This has created on certain occasions the term of ‘blockade running’ to be enforced when moving troops from world to world.

When it comes to actual ship on ship combat, the Commonwealth like their ground forces prefer a more carrier based approach with pilot’s and unmanned escort starfighters being launched to try and weaken the enemy fleet before the main capital ship elements get into Mass Acceleration Cannon firing range. In some cases, fighters and bombers attempt to lure the enemy into various traps following a more divide, exploit and conquer mantra.

Organisation of the UCSN is as follows:

Fighter based

  • Squadron (One pilot based fighter/bomber, four support drones)
  • Wing (comprised of Five Squadrons, normally coordinated by a Wing commander)
  • Flight Wing (comprised of three wings, coordinated by a Flight Commander

Fleet based

  • Element (A single frigate or cruiser with up to a single wing of fighters commanded by either a commander or captain.)
  • Patrol ( 3-5 Elements lead by a single capital ship, normally contains at least three Flight wings, commanded by a captain)
  • Section (20 elements, two battleships and one Carrier with 2 Flight wings, commanded by a Commodore)
  • Task group (Normally an offensive UCSN piece. Between 2-3 sections, normally with a single Assault Carrier serving as a Flagship, commanded by a Rear or vice Admiral
  • Fleet (The largest force that can be mustered, normally consistent of 2-4 Task groups, all of which lead by a single flagship Dreadnought. Commanded by an Admiral.)

Another important section of the UCSN is the Intelligance Operations Branch, in short this branch of the Navy covers the entire intelligance, Special Operations and indeed the Electronic Warfare in which the Commonwealth is involved in. Despite this branch being heavily classified, they appear to be generally known by the public, albeit what they actually do is massively covered up in a layer of classified documents and indeed mislead truths. It is this department that designed the electronic warfare class vessel. These vessels serve as the primary method of information monitoring and gathering for the Intelligance operations divisions and are commonly solo elements which deploy into deep space to monitor pirate and indeed internal elements which have been flagged up as a threat by PANDORA. It is these vessels where the special operations forces tend to be housed and managed from

Rank Structure of UCSN:

Pilot Ranks:

Pilot First class
Wing Leader
Wing Leader First class
Flight Wing Leader

Support ranks (special recruitment restrictions);

Engineer/ Medic
Engineer/ Medic first class
Specialist Engineer/Medic (Normally given a more exact field)
Head of Engineering/Medical Department

Shipboard Main ranks;

Ensign First class
Head of department

Officer Ranks:

Lieutenant First Class
High captain
High Commodore
Rear Admiral
Vice Admiral
System Admiral
UCSN Marshal

Military Population: 4 billion (UCGF + colonial militia’s 63%, UCSN 31%, InOps 6%)
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PostSubject: Re: Commonwealth of the Sonran Cluster   Tue May 07, 2013 5:25 pm

Species Name: Telian

Physiological Description:Carbon-based mammal, Adaptive to certain climates (Mountainous, Deserts, Terran and Tropical worlds), large brain size, eyes situated at front of head, two arms, two legs, two separate sexes, Females lay eggs, Medium sized lungs, five digits on hands and feet, DNA mean 95% of the population rejects genetic or cybernetic enhancements, Varying shades of purple skin, due to Cavernous tribal existance during early mammal period.

Biological History:

The Telians are a dark blue humanoid skinned race originally from the Planet Sonra IV (or as they call it the homeworld) and are evolved from a Bird/Lizard Hybrid dubbed a crux crucis semino volatilis lacerta It is believed that this creature then bred with other species and soon it’s gene pool was that diverse that the Telian race soon evolved through the millionss of years needed until they were mammals. After that, the race begun to extend across the caverns and evolved the ability to live on the surface of their homeworld. Although it is unclear when they changed their names to Telians, but a number of historians do believe that the religious purges and exiles on the homeworld led to telia's creation and indeed the current isolation of the Order of sonra within the Commonwealth's space only heightens this belief.

Social Structure: Telian society is more Matriachal, women tend to fill the major roles of Telian society with them being civil leaders, administrators, scientists which has led to the prejudice of the males being soldiers, pilots, Merchants, the cleaners around the house and also good businessmen. Although this prejudice is there, both genders tend to be equal in the militaries eyes and about 55% of the Telian population have done at least 1extra tour of duty in the military or a corporation owned force during their life. At the very least, Telians tend to form the backbone of the UCAF

Native Culture: The Culture of the Telians is a huge variety depending on which world they hail from. Despite them hailing from an honourable and religious background the Telians have evolved Culturally so that they are accepting and adaptable to new crazes. A common site however is two Telians discussing common affairs (Normally from their Media Channel, channel 7 news)

Telia is considered, the new capital of the Telians following the Church of Sonra’s Religious Templars isolation policy on their capital’s homeworld. This has lead to Telian being a melting pot for all of the Telian’s culture with the common clash of old ways combined with new. However, the one thing that appears to be common is the fact that they deal with violence within their own kind quickly.


Species Name: Lamansci

Physiological Description:

Genetically altered humanoids, Carbon based, large brain size, eyes situated at front of head, two arms, two legs, two separate sexes, large lungs, five digits on hands and feet, Bronze/golden skin colour, adaptive on temperate/tropical/desert worlds, Fur like elongated ears, Pre-adolescents are blind, post-adolescents are colourblind, Excellent hearing. Low temperatures puts Lamansci in a hibernation state.

Biological History: The Lamansci were created out of curiosity of an Alien DNA scrap found some 1200 years ago. It’s unclear what occured but the Lamansci evolved from the experiments that were conducted to humanoid test subjects using this DNA. They were abandoned when the project was cancelled and have had to survive by using selective breeding and using strengths and weaknesses on a Mountainous world with very little care about their survival. Perhaps it was the humanoid side of the Lamansci but they survived and thrived underneath the mountains, with a cycle of gatherers moving outside of the land and hibernation during the winter months (along with special doors)

Eventually, during their Early Space age and colonisation of other planets, they were encountered by the Telian’s of Sonra who had been exploring the stars closest to them. Although First contact was frosty, with eventual time, effort, words and some underhanded actions, the Lamansci eventually accepted equals with the Telians and indeed the Cxami a few years later which allowed the Lamansci to be one of the main architects of the Commonwealth of sonran Clusters when the First Pirate Warlords attacked the colonies during -7 BCW.

Social Structure: The social structure of the Lamansci is a form of Caste system being formed with a Hunter Caste, Knowledge caste, Farmers Caste, Merchant’s caste, Outsiders caste. Due to there being only a selected amount of seats, the castes largest and most influential families tend to fill these roles, however the power struggles to get these seats means that some houses rise and others fall during the election period (Which is considered open season to them.)

Native Culture: Most, if not all Lamansci tend to be exceptionally cultured around a society where arranged marriages are common and the idea of love has no real meaning. This society is also based around using the time wisely and quickly as the race’s hibernation cycle means that warfare for them takes place during the ‘spring’, ‘summer’ and ‘early autumn’. Culturally the Lamansci are a private society, they consider secrets to be a normal way of life. Manipulation and lying are considered more valuable to them than actual brute strength.


Species Name: Cxami

Physiological Description: Species has 3 forms: Plant, Hybrid, guardian.

Plant (Cxami tree): perennial woody plant lifeform (can only live in Tropical, Orient or Temperate climates.) Grows to about 100m high, Roots tend to form a base for the tree while the main ‘trunk’ is raised 20m by the roots. Special ‘growth chamber located within the trunk. Has a ‘brain’ located below the ground and Neural structure throughout the whole of the plant. If threatened various tentacles tipped with a special poison will attack. Is able to Telepathically contact others within it’s radius or other plants if long ground roots are touching. Grows to full height by one year and lives for 2000 years. Asexual.

Avatar (Cxami ‘plant walkers’): Carbon-plant based Hybrid. Grown within plant’s and takes the shape, gender and biology of whatever race the plant wishes to be however: Skin tends to be a shade of Green and is capable of Photosynthesis allowing Hybrids to use the stored energy as a boost to normal functions, Avatar’s live for 40 years and tend not to age. Is capable of creating hybrids with other nations, also produce seeds if two avatars conduct intercourse. Plant can only grow one once every 10 years and ‘imprints’ the knowledge for the avatar to survive. Independent from plant unless in telepathic range and the plant wishes to speak normally so it not affected by plant ‘death’. Only two of these per tree can be produced with no further one

Guardian (Cxami ‘zombie’): Plant Based Humanoid. Always tends to be victims of the poison used. No eyes, very sensitive ears able to detect small sounds. No voicebox, No genitals, Two arms and two legs. Skin is a mix of soft skin and hard Bark to protect itself. Hands are talons and have two tentacles tipped with plant’s poison. Tend to work in packs of 3 to 4. Skin able to Photosynthesis but does not need food, water is the prime consumption. Has link with tree which if broken will kill the Zombie.

Social Structure:

The Cxami can be considered by most civilians as three races. The plants, the Avatars and the Guardians. To claim such a thing scientifically however is preposterous as the Avatar’s and Zombies are merely extensions of the plant (or trees) itself. While their evolution is believed to be the cause of some early homo sapien prima made attempt of terraformation gone wrong. Either way, this race is highly dangerous when they feel threatened. The plant poison commonly called ‘Guardian’s morph’ is a fast acting and very lethal poison which if blood isn’t cleaned within an hour will turn the victim into a Guardian.

However, the Cxami ‘poison and kill everything without reason’ image that the races biological enemies (Internal and external) are not true, in fact can be outright disproven in some cases. The Avatar’s are the plants way of communicating and engaging with other species easily and to be fair, these hybrids are the plant’s ‘individual difference’ element. Each Avatar, like most humanoid species, is unique and each plant can only ever have two avatar’s at the maximum. These avatar’s primary purpose is pollination and reproduction of the species, however as the Cxami became more advanced they served other roles that the guardians and Tree’s could not. Including Diplomats and Scientists.

There is a pretty much a Social Structure in which older trees and Avatar's Associated with them will in a certain extent have a greater say in Forest life and indeed the decisions made by the Forest themselves. There doesn't however appear to be a single leader within the forest but a more larger community spirit as it were.

Native Culture: To describe the culture of a Cxami is a tough one, this is normally due to the experiences and indeed attacks against the forests. However generally the colonies follow this procedure:

[*] Phase 1 is called the formation year. This forms ‘the heart of the forest’ in short a city centre where the oldest trees will be. It is normally the first year or so and it normally ends with the first avatar emergence.

[*] Phase 2 is the tribe formation, Avatars will begin to live their lifes in and around the forest, expanding it and making sure that within around 5 years the forest is at a point where they can begin learning (normally 10000 trees or so). Tribal garbs are created normally with the Elder Avatar’s being more glamorous than those that are newly planted.

[*] Phase 3 is the survival age, for around the next 1000 years the tribe will get to know and even work with other races to survive and assist. If cooperation is not on the table and the tribe feels threatened (or a great injustice against them has been done), then the forest will go to war. This age ends when the first elder dies.

[*]Phase 4 is the Cycle of Change. when the first elder trees die, they are removed and a new seed replaces them, this way the forest will keep on going and the knowledge of the dead will pass on. Phase 3 and 4 it should be noted cycle, once the Cycle of change ends, the Survival age starts anew.

Culture therefore within these forests differ from whichever race they have learnt from, some are more peaceful, others are more martial like, some just don’t like other species. The more cooperative ones even answer to the justice system of the world if they have committed a crime and they at least expect the same from other members in a race if they have done a great injustice (Trees have very long memories, so if there is a refusal to be trialed in a tribe’s court then said tribe will hold a grudge for a very, very long time. Or until the injustice dies, either natural or poison.)

All of the races factions: Commonwealth of Sonran Clusters, at this current moment. There might be some beyond the cluster itself, via the Free traders, but they haven't been seen for sometime due to the pirate attacks.
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Commonwealth of the Sonran Cluster
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