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 [ACCEPTED] Faction: Commonwealth of Congruent States

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[ACCEPTED] Faction: Commonwealth of Congruent States Empty
PostSubject: [ACCEPTED] Faction: Commonwealth of Congruent States   [ACCEPTED] Faction: Commonwealth of Congruent States EmptyMon Oct 22, 2012 12:33 am

Faction Name: Commonwealth of Congruent States
Faction Type: Commonwealth
Species: Gyraci (only entrants thus far)
Planets: 6 (Gyrakarr, Yagan II, Triani VI, Llanii VII, Gani III, Anit V)
Culture: The Commonwealth treats all citizens equally by default, spreading resources where they are needed most without encouraging dependence on other states for resources.
Due to the sole population of the Commonwealth currently being Gyraci, their technology is incredibly prominent.

Gyraci inter-system travel is done through the use of artificial wormholes stabilized with so-called 'gates'. In order to create a gate in another star system, Gyraci employs a sort of cannon that fires a gateship through an unstable and hastily created gate to the target star system. The gateship then releases a deployable stargate which allows a construction crew to enter the system and begin building a sturdier and more permanent stargate.

Subluminal Drive
The Gyraci Subluminal Drive is capable of accelerating to .5c with full power to engines in two hours. This maximum speed is unreachable in combat situations where weapons and other systems are powered on, and in relatively close proximity to non-ship bodies, such as planets, asteroids, and so on.

Gelatinous Kinetic Shielding
The Gelatinous Kinetic Shielding is now a mass-produced substance used on most modern warships to reduce the kinetic force of incoming projectiles. The gel adheres to a special layer of coating on the ship's hull, as well as to itself. It deploys through various ports on the ship, and is also retrieved through those ports. The gel can be forced into a liquid state by the generators on board the ship, so it may be stored easily, as well as filtered and redeployed much quicker.

Kinetic Weaponry
Most Gyraci weapons are kinetic and ballistic in nature, with current iterations often making use of mass driver technology. Explosive infantry weapons do not yet integrate this technology, but starships are capable of firing some explosive payloads with their on-board mass driver cannons.

Military Forces: 25 frigates, 15 destroyers, and 50 cruisers, 5 carriers, and 5 battleships per planetary fleet (4 planets with fleets)
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[ACCEPTED] Faction: Commonwealth of Congruent States
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