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 [ACCEPTED] Commonwealth of Sonra

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PostSubject: [ACCEPTED] Commonwealth of Sonra   [ACCEPTED] Commonwealth of Sonra EmptySat Oct 20, 2012 4:24 pm

Faction Name: Commonwealth of Sonra
Faction Type: Federation of Stellar Nations and Colonies.

Species: Most types of Species can be a Civilian of the Commonwealth however to become a Citizen (allowing votes, government jobs and indeed ownership of property) there is a more stricter policy which includes:

  • No dual Citizenship with other nations
  • Military service (of at least 1 year reserve in peacetime)
  • National Visa to live on any of the Commonwealth’s Vassals

The Primary Species of the Commonwealth (or rather 80.7% of recorded Citizens) are Cxami, Telians and Lamansci. (All details, listed in the below species posts)


Although there are a number of smaller Colonies and outposts which are currently developing and expanding (as well as a Corporate zone where Corporations seem to eternally fight for resources to fuel their own profit margins) the Commonwealth’s main Sovereign territory is centered around Three main systems.
Sonra System (capital)

Telia, Telia, Capital of the Commonwealth, actually the moon of Sonra IV, due to the fact that Sonra IV has high levels of Radioactivity due to a religious war, the Telians have settled upon this moon and terraformed it over many centuries. Despite their homeworld being a Radioactive rock, the Lunar colony has thrived into a Artificial Terran body, when the Commonwealth was formed the Moon of Telia was chosen to be the capital of the nation, in which a vast Capital city called Novus Spes was created.

Abriel, this Terran world is considered to be the economic hub of the entire Commonwealth’s Mercantile and Production efforts. One of the most Impressive features of this planet is the huge orbital Torbia that is positioned around the Equator of the Planet, this huge Shipyard is the only Shipyard capable of producing the Commonwealth’s Dreadnoughts and advanced Weaponry.

'Sonra's Pearl' Starcity is located in Lunar Orbit of Sonra-5 (A vast Oceanic planet), and serves as a connection of a number of factories, shipyards and military facilities that serve as the projection of the Commonwealth’s Military outside of Sonra. Indeed this starbase has grown to such proportions that it has often been dubbed a star city by many within the system.

Beneria System
Elanik'fio , is a breadbasket colony with food shipping across the commonwealth. It's also home to some of the more secretive research facilities in the whole of the commonwealth that currently are looking into a variety of technologies. This is also the one of the larger Cxami colonies within the Commonwealth with at least three Forests located on the planet’s tropical nature.

New Cxami Prime, This is the capital of the Cxami’s return within the Galaxy, pretty much a forest world with vast cities seemingly interwoven with Cxami trees. Indeed, with five forests on the Planet there is a definite sense that this planet is held by the Forests, but yet... the inhabitants are exceptionally welcoming with various settlements of other races being located here under the watchful eyes of the Planet's dominant species.

Klaxos system

Klaxos-7 is the Lamansci’s homeworld. A Vast Mountainous world in which the cities tend to be underground within special underwater lakes. Allowing the inhabitants shelter from the harsh winds and indeed mountain predators which the planet has. However, the Lamansci call it their home and their secretive society seems to fit with the planet’s attitude.


The Commonwealth of Sonra is, for the most part, A Federation of three main colonies. Klaxos-7, New Cxami Prime and Abriel, who have pooled funding, resources and indeed military and political resources into a Federation who patrols, colonises and acts as a United Government under the office of a single President and the Assembly with each head of colony serving on the council of colonies. To represent the interests of these colonies on a Intergalactic Scale.

The President’s office is to put it simply the Head of State of the Commonwealth, the one person who is elected to serve a term of Five years (With a limit of three terms being the maximum a President is allowed in office.) The powers of this office are

  • Overruling any decisions made by Sovereign Parliament or Vassals which breach the Commonwealth Constitution and integration treaties
  • Opening and closing Parliament
  • Ownership of the Presidential Palace
  • Overseeing Commonwealth military policy and deployments

The council of colonies is in effect the voice of the various colonies within the Commonwealth, they serve as the upper house in Parliament and has a say regarding the Militaries funding. The main event of the Council’s calendar is what is called the ‘council’s report’ where the heads of state for each colony gather to give the President feedback and criticism of their rule over the past year within the Commonwealth. The Council also has the right to veto any Presidential orders as well as removal of the President in the event that a majority of the Council believe that they are acting against the interests of the colony.

The Commonwealth Assembly is an elected body of Five hundred elected members across the Commonwealth who serve to Represent the Different cultures, areas and indeed Colonies. The allocation of members is reviewed prior to an election which is held every two years, it is this government which forms the Administration behind the President and is headed up by a Prime Minister normally with a Coalition Government. During these elections there are ten Political parties vying for positions:

The Peoples Reform party (Extreme left) are the ones that believe that the corporations should be shut down and all workers should get an equal share in the profit a.k.a communist party
The Socialist party (far left) believe that socialism should be applied on a greater scale with increased taxes flowing into health, education and public services.
The Theocratic and religious party (middle Left) are religious reformists believing that the Commonwealth should lead through the religious decisions made by the various religions that the Commonwealth have.
The Labour and workers society (centre Left) These are the normal Reformists who believe that socially the Commonwealth should help everyone, one of the large parties.
The Centre Unionist Party (Centre) These are the 'sit on the fence' members, usually independents are included here as well, These are normally the largest party and serve as ‘kingmakers’ for prime ministers.
Equa-rights (Centre) These are the loudest political party, who believe in Equality in the commonwealth amongst all races integrated as well as making live for civlians a little more easier to live within the Commonwealth itself.
The Commonwealth Conservative Party (centre Right) These are the members who believe the Commonwealth shouldn't change much, but are more open to change than the Militarists.
The Military Patriots (middle Right) These are the militaries representatives in parliament, Alot more of a hardlined political power rather then
The Economic movement Party (Far right) believe in more powers for the corporations and the private sector and less public service and government control.
The Sonra Nationalist Party (Extreme right) believe in a policy called ‘sonra first’ in which only Cxami, Lamansci and Telians should be part of the voting procedure.


Civilian Tech: The Commonwealth are a Technological oddity, despite features of civilian life (be it monorail lines and wireless tablets) which are considered up to date and modern (for them), there is a sense of practicality and Experimentation, with a wide range of Technological branches be it cloning, genetic enhancement all the way through to nano-bots and Artificial Intelligance still being tested while continuously under the watchful eye of the Science Regulators who have the power of shutting down any project that is deemed as a breach of the Ethical guideline. Despite this, there is a definite looser ethical policy which has led some Religious groups claiming the Commonwealth has been playing god with nature and technology for a very long time.

Military Tech: Since the dawn of the Commonwealth, there was a concentrated effort to develop and improve upon the UCAF's weapons and Armour across the board as the unreliability and sole focus on now unstable and outdated phase technology came to a close, the Ipecac Serene weapons laboratory, a military owned facility, finished a replacement technology to the old ‘Warp’ Reactors. This replacement was Special Electro-Dynamo Reactors where two specially designed Nyrium (A special metal, which if two smoothed out bars of the same metal are rubbed together can generate alot of energy) Wheels spin. The size of said wheels (and how many reactors are needed) all depend on the ship. There is normally a Breeder Reactor that will power the initial warmup of the rings as well.

This triggered a somewhat weapons development cold war amongst the corporations who now had to keep up with a military research lab who had created a large gap between the private and the public sector militaries in regards to energy tech. The first corp to develop something new was Synapse Industries with their Magnetic Accelerated Warhead (or M.A.W) Cannon. A weapon solely for the Angel Class Flagships.

It wasn’t just spaceship weapons which saw a major shift, Land based weapons changed with Ipecac Serene developing Mass Acceralation technology, A mass accelerator propels a solid metal slug using precisely-controlled electromagnetic attraction and repulsion. The slug is designed to squash or shatter on impact, increasing the energy it transfers to the target. If this were not the case, it would simply punch a hole right through, doing minimal damage. Depending on the size of the gun and the slug used, this weapon can easily have the impact of a nuclear weapon but the recoil on said gun would be tremendous. So, all weapons have a special Electro- Magnetic Reduction field developed by Synapse Industries which reduces the recoil and the impact of the slug.

Star Drive: Synapse Industries Spacial Distortion Field Warp, in short bubble warp any ship above Frigate can form a 'bubble' around the ship which bends space and time allow the ship to travel faster but not at the level of FTL and indeed travel from one system to the next can take weeks even years to do (Depending on the distance, between the three systems currently it's about 2 weeks from one system to the next) Ships do have to power up the engine however and cannot simply form the bubble, if interrupted during this process then effectively the bubble is 'popped'

Communication: Once again the commonwealth rely on Warp, stationed on most planets is a large scale satellite dish used to project the intended communication too a world and then using the satellite will encode the data before sending it off via a smaller and not visible to the naked eye Warp bubble. Even then it cannot send off huge streams of data instead text messages and images are sent rather than actual video messages.

Military Forces: Or, to give it’s official term the United commonwealth Armed Forces (Or UCAF) is the Committed Guardians of the Commonwealth’s Sovereign space and colonies and is divided into three main branches. The total number of the UCAF currently stands at 1.3 Billion troops. (Current divide is CLF: 25%, CSN: 20% and PDMF 45%)

The Commonwealth Land Forces (CLF) is the primary offensive land force used for invasion or marshal law on planets. Normally the second military offensive and defensive land reaction of the commonwealth, the first in an offence being the CSN and defence, the PDNF respectively. Indeed this army tends to be based on more mobile deployments, Equipment of these troops tend to be the best funded and indeed each soldier has volunteered for service within this army.

The space navy of the commonwealth (Or CSN) is probably the most visible of the colonies united military funding. Primarily because they protect the space in and around commonwealth space and are the visible anti-piracy forces. Despite them appearing to be the largest force equipment and ship wise they are in fact personnel smaller than the other two because of the fact that Commonwealth ships tend to need less crews, however the training for said personnel is alot higher (especially at the capital ship level)

The Rest of the Armed Forces are individual Military and security forces or commonly called the ‘Planetary Defence Military Force’ or PDMF, these forces are the primary military forces on the surface and tends to be the bulk of the Military. due to the fact that each colony’s PDMF prefers their own military command and equipment which means that on Border colonies they are not exactly the best armed and equipped force (Think AK-47’s and bulletproof armour, and your roughly on the right lines)

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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED] Commonwealth of Sonra   [ACCEPTED] Commonwealth of Sonra EmptySat Oct 20, 2012 5:02 pm

Species Name: Cxami
Physiological Description: Species has 3 forms: Plant, Hybrid, guardian.

Plant (Cxami tree): perennial woody plant lifeform (can only live in Tropical, Orient or Temperate climates.) Grows to about 100m high, Roots tend to form a base for the tree while the main ‘trunk’ is raised 20m by the roots. Special ‘growth chamber located within the trunk. Has a ‘brain’ located below the ground and Neural structure throughout the whole of the plant. If threatened various tentacles tipped with a special poison will attack. Is able to Telepathically contact others within it’s radius or other plants if long ground roots are touching. Grows to full height by one year and lives for 2000 years. Asexual.

Avatar (Cxami ‘plant walkers’): Carbon-plant based Hybrid. Grown within plant’s and takes the shape, gender and biology of whatever race the plant wishes to be however: Skin tends to be a shade of Green and is capable of Photosynthesis allowing Hybrids to use the stored energy as a boost to normal functions, Avatar’s live for 40 years and tend not to age. Is capable of creating hybrids with other nations, also produce seeds if two avatars conduct intercourse. Plant can only grow one once every 10 years and ‘imprints’ the knowledge for the avatar to survive. Independent from plant unless in telepathic range and the plant wishes to speak normally so it not affected by plant ‘death’. Only two of these per tree can be produced with no further one

Guardian (Cxami ‘zombie’): Plant Based Humanoid. Always tends to be victims of the poison used. No eyes, very sensitive ears able to detect small sounds. No voicebox, No genitals, Two arms and two legs. Skin is a mix of soft skin and hard Bark to protect itself. Hands are talons and have two tentacles tipped with plant’s poison. Tend to work in packs of 3 to 4. Skin able to Photosynthesis but does not need food, water is the prime consumption. Has link with tree which if broken will kill the Zombie.

Biological History: (Will fill out later.)
Social Structure:
The Cxami can be considered by most civilians as three races. The plants, the Avatars and the Guardians. To claim such a thing scientifically however is preposterous as the Avatar’s and Zombies are merely extensions of the plant (or trees) itself. While their evolution is believed to be the cause of some early homo sapien prima made attempt of terraformation gone wrong. Either way, this race is highly dangerous when they feel threatened. The plant poison commonly called ‘Guardian’s morph’ is a fast acting and very lethal poison which if blood isn’t cleaned within an hour will turn the victim into a Guardian.

However, the Cxami ‘poison and kill everything without reason’ image that the races biological enemies (Internal and external) are not true, in fact can be outright disproven in some cases. The Avatar’s are the plants way of communicating and engaging with other species easily and to be fair, these hybrids are the plant’s ‘individual difference’ element. Each Avatar, like most humanoid species, is unique and each plant can only ever have two avatar’s at the maximum. These avatar’s primary purpose is pollination and reproduction of the species, however as the Cxami became more advanced they served other roles that the guardians and Tree’s could not. Including Diplomats and Scientists.

There is a pretty much a Social Structure in which older trees and Avatar's Associated with them will in a certain extent have a greater say in Forest life and indeed the decisions made by the Forest themselves. There doesn't however appear to be a single leader within the forest but a more larger community spirit as it were.

Native Culture: To describe the culture of a Cxami is a tough one, this is normally due to the experiences and indeed attacks against the forests. However generally the colonies follow this procedure:

  • Phase 1 is called the formation year. This forms ‘the heart of the forest’ in short a city centre where the oldest trees will be. It is normally the first year or so and it normally ends with the first avatar emergence.
  • Phase 2 is the tribe formation, Avatars will begin to live their lifes in and around the forest, expanding it and making sure that within around 5 years the forest is at a point where they can begin learning (normally 10000 trees or so). Tribal garbs are created normally with the Elder Avatar’s being more glamorous than those that are newly planted.
  • Phase 3 is the survival age, for around the next 1000 years the tribe will get to know and even work with other races to survive and assist. If cooperation is not on the table and the tribe feels threatened (or a great injustice against them has been done), then the forest will go to war. This age ends when the first elder dies.
  • Phase 4 is the Cycle of Change. when the first elder trees die, they are removed and a new seed replaces them, this way the forest will keep on going and the knowledge of the dead will pass on. Phase 3 and 4 it should be noted cycle, once the Cycle of change ends, the Survival age starts anew.

Culture therefore within these forests differ from whichever race they have learnt from, some are more peaceful, others are more martial like, some just don’t like other species. The more cooperative ones even answer to the justice system of the world if they have committed a crime and they at least expect the same from other members in a race if they have done a great injustice (Trees have very long memories, so if there is a refusal to be trialed in a tribe’s court then said tribe will hold a grudge for a very, very long time. Or until the injustice dies, either natural or poison.)

Factions: Commonwealth of Sonra, at this current moment.
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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED] Commonwealth of Sonra   [ACCEPTED] Commonwealth of Sonra EmptySat Oct 20, 2012 5:32 pm

Species Name: Lamansci

Physiological Description:
Genetically altered humanoids, Carbon based, large brain size, eyes situated at front of head, two arms, two legs, two separate sexes, large lungs, five digits on hands and feet, Bronze/golden skin colour, adaptive on temperate/tropical/desert worlds, Fur like elongated ears, Pre-adolescents are blind, post-adolescents are colourblind, Excellent hearing. Low temperatures puts Lamansci in a hibernation state.

Biological History: The Lamansci were created out of curiosity of an Alien DNA scrap found some 1200 years ago. It’s unclear what occured but the Lamansci evolved from the experiments that were conducted to humanoid test subjects using this DNA. They were abandoned when the project was cancelled and have had to survive by using selective breeding and using strengths and weaknesses on a Mountainous world with very little care about their survival. Perhaps it was the humanoid side of the Lamansci but they survived and thrived underneath the mountains, with a cycle of gatherers moving outside of the land and hibernation during the winter months (along with special doors)

Eventually, during their Early Space age and colonisation of other planets, they were encountered by the Telian’s of Sonra who had been exploring the stars closest to them. Although First contact was frosty, with eventual time, effort, words and some underhanded actions, the Lamansci eventually accepted equals with the Telians and indeed the Cxami a few years later with this race signing the Commonwealth Constitution and Integrating their homeworld into the Commonwealth’s net

Social Structure: The social structure of the Lamansci is a form of Caste system being formed with a Hunter Caste, Knowledge caste, Farmers Caste, Merchant’s caste, Outsiders caste. Due to there being only three seats available to the Lamansci on the council of colonies, there is a constant power struggle between these castes for a seat on the Commonwealth’s main board.

Native Culture: Most, if not all Lamansci tend to be exceptionally cultured around a society where arranged marriages are common and the idea of love has no real meaning. This society is also based around using the time wisely and quickly as the race’s hibernation cycle means that warfare for them takes place during the ‘spring’, ‘summer’ and ‘early autumn’. Culturally the Lamansci are a private society, they consider secrets to be a normal way of life. Manipulation and lying are considered more valuable to them than actual brute strength.

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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED] Commonwealth of Sonra   [ACCEPTED] Commonwealth of Sonra EmptySat Oct 20, 2012 6:32 pm

Species Name: Telian

Physiological Description:Carbon-based mammal, Adaptive to certain climates (Mountainous, Deserts, Terran and Tropical worlds), large brain size, eyes situated at front of head, two arms, two legs, two separate sexes, Females lay eggs, Medium sized lungs, five digits on hands and feet, DNA mean 95% of the population rejects genetic or cybernetic enhancements, Varying shades of purple skin, due to Cavernous tribal existance during early mammal period.
Biological History:
The Telians are a dark blue humanoid skinned race originally from the Planet Sonra IV (or as they call it the homeworld) and are evolved from a Bird/Lizard Hybrid dubbed a crux crucis semino volatilis lacerta It is believed that this creature then bred with other species and soon it’s gene pool was that diverse that the Telian race soon evolved through the millionss of years needed until they were mammals. After that, the race begun to extend across the caverns and evolved the ability to live on the surface of their homeworld.

Social Structure: Telian society is more Matriachal, women tend to fill the major roles of Telian society with them being civil leaders, administrators, scientists which has led to the prejudice of the males being pilots, Merchants, the cleaners around the house and also good businessmen. Although this prejudice is there, both genders tend to be equal in the militaries eyes and about 55% of the Telian population have done at least 1 tour of duty in the military or a corporation owned force during their life. At the very least, Telians tend to form the backbone of the UCAF

Native Culture: The Culture of the Telians is a huge variety depending on which world they hail from. Despite them hailing from an honourable and religious background the Telians have evolved Culturally so that they are accepting and adaptable to new crazes. A common site however is two Telians discussing common affairs (Normally from their Media Channel, channel 7 news)

Abriel, the new capital of the Telians tends to be a melting pot for all of the Telian’s culture with the common clash of old ways combined with new. However, the one thing that appears to be common is the fact that they deal with violence within their own kind quickly. Mix that with the Taboo over what happened on Sonra IV, and it appears that the Telians have a somewhat shameful history regarding their original homeworld.
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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED] Commonwealth of Sonra   [ACCEPTED] Commonwealth of Sonra Empty

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[ACCEPTED] Commonwealth of Sonra
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