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 Commonwealth of the Sonran Cluster Internal Affairs

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PostSubject: Commonwealth of the Sonran Cluster Internal Affairs   Sun May 19, 2013 10:51 am

Exert from Channel 7 Warpnet Live Feed,
Updated at 16.02 CST, 3rd day of Spring’s Blossom, 74 ACW (GSY 1.1)

This is Channel 7 News, here are our top stories this hour:-

Political news: In the last hour President Zephia Ilun has released a statement this morning announcing that her tour of the Commonwealth’s Refugee zones has had to be postponed due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’ although the President, when pressed, refused to comment on the seriousness of the situation, sources close to the Presidential Office have said that she has had a number of high level transmissions with undisclosed members of the UCGF and the UCSN during her latest visit to the Abriel Refugee District. Following this statement the President and her retinue was immediately transported safely back to the 1st Presidential Guard’s command ship, the CPGV Retribution. It is believed that within the next hour the Guard will be returning to Telia within the day. A spokesperson for the Presidential Office at Telia has confirmed that the Founding council of colonies, the four leaders of Telia, Abriel, Erios, and Klaxos-7’s civilian governments and part of the Presidential retinue have also been summoned to the Commonwealth capital of Novus Spes.

Spacial News: The Commonwealth parliament has passed approval for the UCSN to begin preparations for the reopening of the Navigational beacons which allowed for free traders to enter the cluster, these beacons, long since forgotten have been repaired by the UCSN’s Corp of Engineers during Operation Free ride. A spokesperson for the UCAF announced that: “We were confident that, following (Operation) Free Ride, the Navigational Beacons will span at least 4 Solar systems and end at the remains of System 12-KH of the star cluster, however to prevent another Pirate war from occuring, UCSN Starbases are to be built in each system along with the enforcement of the Trade route Protocols.

"Channel 7 news, if we’re not reporting it... then it probably does not need to be covered."
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Commonwealth of the Sonran Cluster Internal Affairs
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