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 Terran Remnants

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PostSubject: Terran Remnants   Terran Remnants EmptyTue May 07, 2013 7:22 pm

News story from Terra Nova News

… In other news, the President has confirmed an increase in military spending. He says that this money will be used to increase carrier support fleets from 25 ships, to 75. He has been quoted saying that the reason for this increase is that, “… we are no longer alone in the galaxy. First Contact has proved that we are not the only fish in this sea of stars. We must take steps to ensure our own safety and independence from forces both outside, and inside.” This buildup of military ships has also led to the delay of the carrier currently under construction, the TRS Sentinel, which was scheduled to be completed about half a year from now. The delay is estimated to be anywhere from one year, to seven, and this is already amidst a myriad of other problems surrounding the Sentinel, one of such things being the experimental technology being installed on it. These technologies have already been found to be extremely costly, and delayed its construction even further from its original completion date, which was supposed to be last year. The TRS Sentinel isn’t the only thing experiencing problems, however, as many have questioned where the government would find enough soldiers to man these new ships. Council member Gregory Comstock has said that the government would not resort to drafting, but several groups still seem to have their doubts...
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Terran Remnants
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