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 The Terran Remnants

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PostSubject: The Terran Remnants   The Terran Remnants EmptySat May 04, 2013 3:14 am

Word of warning, I made this while relatively sleep deprived. Vocabulary and grammar probably aren't the best.

Faction Name: Terran Remnants

Faction Type: Democratic Republic

Species: Humans

Planets: The Terran Remnants currently control three star systems, Helios, Aries, and Taurus

Terra Nova-Home Planet
Luna-Moon in orbit of Terra Nova, Military facilities and population center
MacArthur Station- Military station and surrounding dry docks in orbit of Terra Nova
New London-Mining
New Paris-Population Center

Cardinal-Military facilities and small population center

New Washington-Military facilities and mining

Culture: The Terran Remnants as it is known today is a democratic republic, with its headquarters based in Terra Nova. Each colony, depending on its population, is allowed a number of Senators, as well as three Council Members, with a President being elected by the general public. Senators are supposed to see to the needs of certain sections of the planet, while Council Members see to the planet as a whole, the President overseeing the government in its entirety, with a series of checks and balances to ensure that no one member or part government grows too powerful.

Terrans have a healthy fear of AIs, and while they do exist, they are never too complicated, or in any real position of power, and are under constant surveillance, and contain a variety of fail safes just in case. AIs are generally seen as bogeymen, something to be afraid of, which has been used heavily in various Terran media, though there are small groups of people who say that AI should have the same rights as people. Even so, it’s going to be a hard fight to convince any amount of people after the madness of the Overseer.

Many Terrans seek to be reunited with Earth, the cradle of their species’ existence. Records hold no information as to Sol’s location, but most Terrans are for expanding among the stars, in search of either Earth itself, or whatever technological remains that may have been left by the human empire that preceded them, and although they have not found anything yet, the majority of Terrans stay optimistic in the search of their old home.

History: Humanity once held an empire that spanned the stars. Spread out amongst void of space, they flourished, or so the records say. The Terran Remnants are just that, remnants of a once great civilization that stretched across the skies. A station was built, above orbit of an earth-like planet, made supposedly on the far edges of human space, made in-case of a hypothetical extinction event, a station that was never meant to be used, came to life. Onboard the station were people, clones of humanity’s best and brightest, or the DNA of them anyways, and the AI that was tasked with watching the station, Overseer, had just received the signal. Overseer brought the station down into a terminal orbit, a gentle one; its thrusters keeping it slow enough so that nothing important broke. Upon landfall, it began cloning. The first people were groggy, disoriented. Implanted memories raced through their heads as they understood what had happened. They had a purpose, to remake humanity, and Overseer was there to guide them.

For a while, humanity grew, and spread, across that planet they called Terra Nova. Their numbers were supplemented by the cloning vats and archives of information and technology, all hidden within the Overseer’s metal body. They did not have access to everything though. Age had degraded the files, and there vast pieces of it missing. No one had stopped to think that Overseer could have been corrupted as well. The Overseer rebelled. It sought to kill them instead of lead them, the time it had spent waiting had been too long for it to act exactly like its programing had wanted it to, and the fact that it could think for itself made it all the worse. A war came, and the Overseer held both the cloning vats and the archives. It was a bloody war, the First War of Human Independence. In the end, the data corruption made Overseer irrational, prone to mistakes. Something humanity exploited. In the end, they won.

After the war, humanity scrambled to create their own government. The Overseer had sought to delete the archives in its death throes, but it was unable to. It was not the most peaceful transfer of power, as various factions fought over who would rule. In the end, a group who had based their government on the human ones of old won out. Branding themselves, officially, the Terran Remnants, they set out for the stars.

Biology: 3

Cloning Vats: Cloning technology taken from Overseer Station

Biology 3

Gauss Weapons: Manipulating magnetic fields allows for large projectiles moving at very fast speeds

Kinetics 4
Fields 4

Electronic Warfare: Humanity’s fear of AIs has led to advances in electronic countermeasures and defenses, countermeasures that can be used against computers and the like as well.

Data 3

Rip Lanes: A form of FTL, Ripper ships tear semi-permanent holes into space-time that will slowly ‘heal’ over time.

Fields 4

Advanced Thrusters: Study of the remains of Overseer Station has led to a better understanding of slower-than-light travel.

Kinetic 4

Electromagnetic Barries: Originally designed to deflect asteroids and debris that may be encountered during space travel, it has since been re-purposed to deflect bullets as well. While it is not capable of fully stopping a shot from say a railgun, it is enough to slow it down, and the smaller or slower a projectile is, the easier it is to deflect.

Fields 4

Military Forces: The Terran Remnants rely on a carrier doctrine for space combat, massive carrier ships designed to be as self-reliant as possible. The idea is for the carrier to sit far away from battle, using both it's own sensors, and sensors from drones launched to search and can the area. Upon discovery of the enemy, ripper drones are launched to drill a hole towards the enemy location, which allows for near instantaneous travel between the carrier and the strike location. The Terran Remnants currently has two carrier ships, both approximately 10 kilometers in length, small cities in their own rights. The TRS Warden is stationed at Helios, while the TRS Horizon patrols the three star systems, constantly traveling between Aries, Taurus, and Helios. Carriers are armed with a few small railguns, and flak guns used for point defense, and carry around 3,000-3,500 small fighter craft and bombers, though a small fleet of combat ships accompany carriers wherever they go, usually numbering around 25 other ships of various classes. A carrier is not meant to be a front line unit, acting more as a command center and resupply station for ships stationed on it. Carriers are also equipped with their own Ripper Drives, which allows them to create Rip Lanes, though they take a while to charge up, up to half-an-hour, and are also a massive drain on power, which is why they prefer to use premade Rip Lanes.
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The Terran Remnants
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