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 [ACCEPTED] Vrennreki Conglomerate

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PostSubject: [ACCEPTED] Vrennreki Conglomerate   [ACCEPTED] Vrennreki Conglomerate EmptyFri Oct 19, 2012 6:26 pm

Faction Name: The Vrennreki Conglomerate

Faction Type: Enormous strip-mining operation, driven by single purpose: to spread their race across the stars, using up every last resource they can in the process.

Species: The Vrennreki

Planets: Due to their eventual destruction and abandonment of their colonies the Vrennreki only hold 8-12 non-breeding planets at any given time. However they have colonized dozens of star systems, and their tools of colonization are very advanced.
When a planet has been left barren after the stripmining and agricultural production, the Vrennreki construct small domed settlements over the tunnels and convert the world into a Breeding Planet, as the young thrive in the dark, damp conditions of the used-up mine tunnels.

Currently, the planets are as such:

Live Worlds (10): Koralhia, Jingost, Brrnelium, Astiimov, Lellonth, Gordath, Irimiual, Burda, Derrivant, Dibir.
Breeder Planets (24): Numeral-based naming.

Culture: The Vrennreki consider themselves the only true inheritors of the galaxy, but keep that fact unspoken due to the diplomatic issues that would cause. However, non-Vrennreki planets taken by the Vrennreki have their existing cities expunged, literally melted into the ground by their Cleanser-class vessels. The tainted metal is fired into the system's star by remote drones (which are also thrown into the sun). Ten Vrennreki then commit ritualistic suicide to clean the ground of the tainted presense of the other races.

Technology: Tools of colonization are advanced, though they cannot terraform as they did not see a point in terraforming a doomed world. However if the world is suitable, they will mass-produce agricultural products. They have carbon dioxide filter masks, and coldsuits designed to give 100% mobility while operating mining and construction on non-suitable (Class-3) worlds.
They have a relatively small amount of warships that are designed for anti-ship combat, but have quite a few smaller support craft. The support craft lack advanced ship-to-ship weaponry but have impressive shields and boast fighter squadrons of smaller, single-person fast attack craft. Their Cleanser-class vessels possess a devastating weapon against planets: An enormous beam of pure heat fired from the under-side of the ship, designed primarility to expunge non-Vrennreki settlements from the surface of the planet.
They travel between starsystems via slipspace drives; Basically, the drive opens a hole from one universe to another around the ship, the end of the whole being their destination. Generally speaking, these alternate universes are in no way different than the previous, as the universe tends to keep things the same; the main difference is usually the movement of one molecule in a slightly different direction than before.
The slipspace drives do not work well near gravity wells, and optimally a 'jump' usually places the ship about a weeks travel away from the destination planet, however it is possible to jump only several hundred thousand kilometers away from some planets, depending on their size and density.
Their ground forces used gauss-based weaponry or, in close quarters, use their extraordinarily hard and sharp cutter-limbs to rend flesh and metal.

Military Forces: 50 Capital-class Warships designed for anti-ship combat; rarely used.
200 Frigate-class vessels designed primarily for support for the capital-class vessels. Also used as escort craft for Cleanser-class and Colonial Transport.
100 Cleanser-class vessels designed primarily to remove non-Vrennreki settlements.
500 Colonial Transport vessels designed to ferry colonists to new planets.
Virtually limitless soldiers, due to their incredibly high breedin rate. However this also means training is rushed and limited, and the individual soldier is only really trained through trial by fire. Command positions are filled by experienced soldiers, learning effective tactics through their trial and error as conscripted soldiers.

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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED] Vrennreki Conglomerate   [ACCEPTED] Vrennreki Conglomerate EmptyFri Oct 19, 2012 6:29 pm

Species Name: Vrennreki

Physiological Description: Humanoid Insectoid race, hermaphroditic, strong carapace capable of withstanding quite a bit of physical abuse, cutter limbs ending in long blades, manipulator arms hidden underneath. Soft underbelly, generally hidden behind cutter limbs when not in use. Lay young in clutches of eggs numbering 30 - 50 per clutch. After they hatch, the strongest eat the weak as a biological way to keep the Vrennreki powerful individually, and around 15 hatchlings survive the initial fight. They are then collected by their wardens. A Vrennreki takes six Vrenndolian years to age to maturity.

Biological History: Originatin on the planet Vrenndol, the Vrennreki's ancestor looked like a two-foot-long pillbug with large pincers and an omnivorous diet. It aggressively expanded throughout the world, tunneling under oceans with it's powerful jaws to expand it's colonies across all three of the major continents, always in search for food to feed the fish-like clutch of eggs that were their young that infested the hives and tunnels. It's anatomy was insectoid but possessed barely sub-mammal intelligence (hindered by the hivemind shared by all members of the species), which lead to their cultivation of fungus in their enormous hives and the farming of lesser species.
As food became abundant their size increased and evolution progressed swiftly; Within 25,000 Vrenndol years (412 days with 33-hour days) the first signs of higher intelligence (the use of tools) and conciousness became apparent in the ancient Vrennreki cultures. Their physioloy went through changes as they began their first upright steps and the development of a rudimentary backbone. Within another 10,000 years, nations began forming as the hivemind that previously dominated the Vrennreki's will. Nations quickly fell as a One World Order united the Vrennreki with a single cause: To take this galaxy, by pen or sword, in their gluttonous desire for resources.

Social Structure: Being hermaphrodites, the Vrennreki do not distinguish in genders, and being descended from hivemind insects, they do not have much of a class system. Conscription is in effect, and a small portion of every colony is enlisted every month for the various branches of service (Ground forces, zero-gravity operatives, naval command, etc.). Also, any Vrennreki that dishonors themselves may enlist in the Penal Forces to regain their honor through death.
Every planet hosting the Vrennreki is stripmined of it's resources to the point of non-usability or even threaten the integrity of the planet itself. Once the planet has been stripped of everything worthwhile, small settlements are left over the entrance to the tunnels, as the leftover tunnels are used to breed young for war or for colonization.
Vrennreki names are structured as such: The planet they were born on, the settlement they grew up in, and their birth number. For numeral-based Breeder planets, the first name is Nerelleth, the Vrennreki word for Breeder.

Native Culture: The Vrennreki live for one purpose: The consumption of foreign world's resources to further their place in the universe. After the precious metals and nonrenewable resources have been relieved of the earth, the remaining surface is farmed extensively. Eventually, planets become unsustainable for the Vrennreki to live on due to depleted ozone layers, soil infertility, and the various natural disasters caused by their reckless resource grabs. At that point, they are loaded onto orbiting space vessels and sent to colonize new worlds.
They do not see the value of non-Vrennreki life, but will work with other races so long as it benefits them, and can see the strategic value of diplomacy. They treat their worlds as holy sacred ground, and a non-Vrennreki stepping foot on their soil is considered sacrament. Worlds obtained by any means from another species require cleansing via ritualistic suicide of ten Vrennreki.

Factions: The Vrennreki Conglomerate.

[ACCEPTED] Vrennreki Conglomerate V32ihe

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PostSubject: Naval Tech   [ACCEPTED] Vrennreki Conglomerate EmptySun Oct 21, 2012 4:20 am

Vrennreki Flagship Goliath, Seraphim-Class
[ACCEPTED] Vrennreki Conglomerate Seraphimtop

[ACCEPTED] Vrennreki Conglomerate Seraphimside

This gargantuan hulk of a ship, measuring in at 30km long, 9km wide at it's widest (25km with solar sails), and 8km thick, had originally been designed as an end-all, be-all warship, but in the end the Goliath was a one of a kind vessel, as on it's completion it was deemed that creating more would be a waste of resources. It was converted as a diplomatic emissary vessel to other species, as a way of both showing the importance of the meeting and the might of the Vrennreki navy. Powered by 30 seperate Thorium Nuclear Power Plants, the Goliath is easily capable of supporting all of it's systems, from weaponry to life support and everything in between. It's propulsion system includes both conventional nuclear-powered thrusters and, for additional speed, two massive solar sails.

It's main cannon is an enormous Super Magnetic Acceleration (MAC) Gun. The ship-based Super MAC, generally reserved for planetary defense platoforms, fires 15 slugs per minute of either ferric Tungsten or depleted Uranium of aproximately 9.1 meter's long at around 30,000 meters per second. The high muzzle speed gives the 600-ton slug the kinetic energy and momentum necessary to damage a target and partially mitigates the unguided nature of the slug and its lack of maneuverability.

There are two relatively smaller, but still extremely powerful rapid-fire gauss cannons firing 80 slugs per minute of 90-tons of tungsten at upwards of 19,000 meters per second. In addition there are 24 mid-range particle beam cannons, and a Pilium missile platform located in the rear housing 90 missile pods with a reserve of 900 missiles. A retractable door platform holding a 500-strong fighter compliment is located in the rear as well.

Capital-Class Vessel, 'Scarab'

[ACCEPTED] Vrennreki Conglomerate Scaraba

Scaling in at 18 kilometers wide by 8 kilometers tall by 3 kilometers thick, this massive hulk of a ship is the main offensive ship and is the Ship of the Line of the Vrennreki naval forces. It boasts a powerful compliment of Pilium missiles, with 312 external missile bays over 8 platforms, 4 on each side, and capable of holding up to 1248 missiles (Four full salvos). It also hosts a cadre of orbital drop shock forces, numbering in 1500 soldiers, 400 armored units, and enough dried food supplies and fluid filtration to last two weeks without resupply. Also it holds a 100-strong dual-pilot fighter wing for aerial supremacy and mild anti-shipping attacks.

Powered by twelve Thorium Nuclear Power Plants, the hulking Scarab is capable of advancing quickly despite it's size. Maneuvering is, however, very limited due to the inertial forces involved. Much like a Mustang, it's great for a straight line, but the damn thing won't turn on a dime, quarter, dollar, or any other large denomination of currency. It also uses the byproducts of the power plants to create artificial ozone for advanced radiation shielding, to withstand the heavy tachyon-based radiation doses created during skip travel.

1 - Thorium-powered Nuclear propulsion systems, capable of accelerating the ship up to 12,000 meters per second at maximum output.

2 - Shield Emitter Towers that form an energy-based shield capable of withstanding up to three hundred kilotons of kinetic or explosive force within 30 seconds before being overloaded, after which they require a lengthy recharge time (up to 15 minute to fully recharge, diverting full power to shields speeds the process up to six minutes).

3 - Missile Platforms on the external side of the ship, the hind platforms holding 30 missile bays and the upper platforms holding 42 missile bays. When a missile is fired an automated loading process is activated, replacing the spend missile with a new one in 30 seconds.

4 - Sub-dermal bundles of power cables connected to the Thorium Nuclear Power Plants, powering the external systems.

5 - Target Acquisition and Wireless Transmission tower, capable of tracking up to 150 targets at once in all three dimensions which relays the targets to the weapons system. Also doubles as a wireless communications tower.

6 - Short-Range Particle Energy Beam capable of disabling inbound missiles at ranges between 4,000km to 25,000km. Capable of firing 20 times a second. Used mainly to protect the Transmission Tower.

Frigate-Class Vessel, Arthropod

[ACCEPTED] Vrennreki Conglomerate Antea

Measuring in at 800 meters long, 600 meters wide, and 100 meters tall, the Arthropod is much more maneuverable than the Scarab but lacks dedicated anti-ship weaponry, relying on 20 mid-ranged particle beams. They are capable of firing effectively between 4,000km to 50,000km at a rate of 20 beams per second. Their beams are used to disable inbound missiles threatening Scarab vessels, but if enemy vessels are within range they are more than capable of slicing through anything thinner than 5cm thick titanium hull, and are more than capable of taking down larger ships in packs using sustained fire.

Powered by four Thorium Nuclear Power Plants, the lightweight craft is capable of accelerating up to 20,000 meters per second, just under a tenth of the speed of light. It must slow down to about 6,000 meters per second to manuever more than 5 degrees due to the inertial force, but is still much more capable of weaving through closer-range combat than the Scarab. They are also sent as escorts for Colonization ships and Cleansers.

Pilium Missile

[ACCEPTED] Vrennreki Conglomerate Missile

The Pilium missile is an anti-vessel missile used by the Scarab capital ships. Using a solid fuel base to accelerate to skip distance from it's launch ship, it accelerates to 27,000 meters per second before escaping it's ship's gravity well and powering it's on-board skip drive. It also possesses an on-board shield and ozone generator to protect it's internal systems from the radiation caused by skip travel. It enters skip with it's pre-rendered exit vector already programmed, and emerges between 30,000 km to 60,000 km from it's target site, depending on the size and mass of the ship.

Once the missile is within 800km it's warhead housing breaks away and it's payload, 12 1.5-kiloton tactical neutron bombs, exit the missile on a target vector for the enemy vessel. Each mini-warhead impacts 2 seconds after the last at the same impact point with a margin of error of fifteen meters, resulting in massive kinetic-explosive damage to bare hulls.

1 - Breakaway warhead housing
2 - Bouqet Payload
3 - Skip Drive
4 - Shield Generator
5 - Fuel and propulsion system

Dual Pilot Fighter, Hornet

[ACCEPTED] Vrennreki Conglomerate Fighterj

The Hornet uses a single Thorium power plant for it's power needs, including the shielding tower and ozone generator, life support systems, thrusters and afterburners, electronic systems on the deck, etc. It measures in at 20 meters long, 20 meters wide between the wings, and 5 meters tall (15 meters tall with landing gear). It boasts a modest armament, six rapid-fire gauss cannons using pure tungsten rounds and one Pilium missile on it's underbelly. It can accelerate to 30,000 meters per second in a straight line using it's afterburners, and can maneuver effectively at 10,000 meters per second due to it's lightweight two inch thick Chromium-Steel alloy plating. Afterburners can only be used for twelve seconds before risking catastrophic power failure, and require a 1:1 ratio for cooldown.

The rapid-fire gauss cannons use a tungsten armor piercing round, and fires via extreme magnetic forces: It supercharges the negative polarization of the round and has shielded postive supermagnets directing the round out of the cannon at velocities approaching 1/50th the speed of light. It's rapid fire system is configured that once a round is fired, the polarization rods are pulled back and a round is pushed into place by rear pistons, and is then transported back into firing position. The round is stabilized by two rings of positive magnetic coils as it leaves the barrel. It impacts with the force of nearly 12,000 megaPascals, doing severe or even crippling damage to non-shielded craft.
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[ACCEPTED] Vrennreki Conglomerate
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