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 README: Dating System

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PostSubject: README: Dating System   Wed May 29, 2013 12:19 am

To maintain temporal organization, I have decided to implement a system for dating events in-universe with an out-of-character standard "calendar". Ideally, this will allow players to sort out the order-of-events as they span multiple threads and even have several threads running simultaneously.

By default, the start of Stellar Sovereignty will be the first month of Galactic Standard Year 1 (GSY 1.1). The first threads to pop in the Roleplaying section, of course, may be at GSY 1.1 or later, but not earlier.

As this is an out-of-character system and not used in-universe, we can safely say one Earth Year is equal to one Galactic Standard Year. The Galactic Standard Year will not be counting specific days, and only the passing of months, each of which will be thirty days in length (and no leap years). This will obviously not give us an exact Earth Year, but we can afford to be ambiguous.

With all that laid out, the format we shall use is as follows:
Quote :

[GSY] [X].[Z]
[GSY]: "Galactic Standard Year". Do not change.
[X]: The actual Galactic Standard Year the thread/post takes place in.
[Z]: The month within the Galactic Standard Year that the thread/post takes place in.

NOTE: I will give current threads a week to go through and label the starts of their threads as well as any notable timeskips. Failure to comply will result in me going through to make the changes myself.
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README: Dating System
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