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 Associated Syndicate Corporations of Ixetel (ASCI)

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Associated Syndicate Corporations of Ixetel (ASCI) Empty
PostSubject: Associated Syndicate Corporations of Ixetel (ASCI)   Associated Syndicate Corporations of Ixetel (ASCI) EmptySat May 11, 2013 5:32 pm

Faction Name: Associated Syndicate Corporations of Ixetel (ASCI)

Citizens are generally known as 'Syndicates' by outsiders.

Faction Type: An association of major corporations based out of the Ixetel System under a central executive board.

Species: The Srenn (70%), The Eotenthians (25%) and The Betornic (5%).

Total Population: 22,500,000,000

Planets: In the Ixetel System, the planets that are part of the ASCI are:
Belzenthia (Run by the Belzen Corporation.)
Dormatnis (Run by Dorman Futuristics)
Bounty (Run by Ixetel Exotic Exports.)
Velkor (Run by Velk Financial Institutions.)
Bastion (Run by Gerthold Armed Solutions.)
Ixetel Central (Under the authority of the Executive Board, Capital of the ASCI.)

All these planets have one moon, and follow Syndicate tradition of having the planets spaceports and shipyards on the moon. The only exception to this is Belzenthia, which has many shipyards on the planets surface as well.

Planets in the Dermercis System colonised by the ASCI:
Beauty (Run by Ixetel Exotic Exports.)
Citadel (Run by Gerthold Armed Solutions.)
Berez (Run by the Belzen Corporation.)
Ergo (Under the authority of the Executive Board, System Capital.)
Memok (Run by Velk Financial Institutions.)

Culture: The foundation of Srenn society is the belief in the doctrine of Srennism: Wealth and Prestige are the way to inner peace and salvation.
As of such, Syndicates tend to be very materialistic and always attempt to profit off a situation.

The Eotenthians are the docile, almost cattle like labourers of the ASCI. It is almost impossible to make a Eotenthian angry, and they are renowned for their peaceful nature and slow ways.

The Betornic are the administrators and accountants of the ASCI. They are the rational, logical beings who operate without bias and emotional prejudice, leading to them being known as "Souless Husks."

A Srenn would be the one who signs a big trade deal, an Eotenthian would be the one who manufactures and loads up the goods, whilst a Betorn would calculate the profit, operating cost and other numerical data.

This synergy of the 3 races when it comes to trading makes them jokingly referred to as "The Holy Trinity."

Govermental Structure
The ASCI is led by the Executive Board, a council of the CEO's of the top 5 Corporations. The title of Chairman of the ASCI rotates between board members every 4 years. The current board members are:

CEO of Ixetel Exotic Exports - Executive Officer of Trade
CEO of Gerthold Armed Solutions - Executive Officer of Defence and Order
CEO of Belzen Corporation - Chairman, Executive Officer of Industry (2 years of Chairman term remaining,)
CEO of Dorman Futuristics - Executive Officer of Science and Medicine
CEO of Velk Financial Institutions - Executive Officer of The Treasury

Under the executive board is the Syndicate Chamber, which is the lower house and comprises of the 500 top corporations CEO's.

The basic principle of the ASCI is that whilst all the corporations remain independent and work for themselves inside Syndicate Systems, they work together and co-operate under the collective umbrella of the ASCI whilst operating outside of it. All corporations pay 33% of whatever profit they make inside Syndicate Space into the ASCI treasury, whilst 90% of the profit made outside of Syndicate Space going into the ASCI treasury.

Law and Order

Crimes committed on a corporations planet are generally resolved without having to go to court. It is completely up to the victim whether they want to prosecute or not, and most prefer a large cheque in their bank accounts over seeing justice done. A Murder would be seen as a crime against the employer of the deceased, and so it would be up to them to decide whether to prosecute or not.

In the rare cases a victim presses charges instead of settling, the criminal is sent to Ixetel Central where there case is heard before a panel of 5 Betornic Judges. These rulings are final, and only a 100% vote by the Syndicate Chamber or a 2/3 vote by the Executive Board can overturn it.


Biology - TR 3
Chemistry - TR 3
Data - TR 4
Fields - TR 4
Kinetics - TR 3
Particles - TR 3

Gravity Well System Jump Technology - Fields TR 4 Data 4

The idea behind the Gravity Well System was that an ASCI Ship would be able to use a Gravitational Manipulation Engine (GME) to reverse a planets gravity well in relation to the ship, so that the planets gravity well then pushes the ship away from it at around half the speed of light. The Advanced Jump Targeting Program would ensure the ship is going towards a another planet, and would aim for that planets gravity well which would then slow down the ship. The technology is still in its early stages, with the AJTP occasionally miscalculating the direction the ship should head in, causing it to go off course, and very rarely the sudden stop from acceleration can tear the ship apart. Whilst it does not feel like the ship is accelerating to the crew inside, when the ship slows down at its destination it is not uncommon for crew members to be knocked out by the sudden change.

TacSim - Data TR 4

Developed by the leading minds from Gerthold Armed Solutions and Dorman Futuristics, TacSim is a supercomputer designed to be able to simulate large scale military encounters using data gathered on enemy movements and past engagements, as well as a vast bank of data on combat techniques, unit specifications and troop experience and capability. TacSim is able to accurately predict the results of a battle around 47% percent of the time, and higher if given more data and time.

WasteNot Plants - Data TR 4 Biology TR 3

Gigantic plants that process 80% of the waste Syndicates produce, from corpses of dead family members sold onto the government for money, to old cars from the Industrial days that have finally broken down. These allow the Syndicates to be more efficient, and allow them to focus more on production without having to worry about waste disposal.


The Srenn originally spent all their days in high altitude mountain cities in Ixetel Central (Then known as Srennsvilag), rarely leaving except to hunt or wage wage war. This all changed when one Srenn known as The Great Merchant emerged from one of the cities, showing the Srenn the wealth that could be obtained through trading and finance. The Srenn eagerly left their cities to take up the merchants scales, leading to 1500 years of prosperity known as The Boom.

The Srenn continued to grow and prosper, reaching the Nuclear Age and forming massive corporations that replaced nations entirely. As Corporations struggled for control of the planets last few resources, the world reached ever closer to a crisis point. One minor skirmish between two patrols over a broken down oil tanker is what is commonly accepted by scholars as the beginning of the Century of Strife.

Cities wiped off maps, radiation tainting entire seas, Srenn being morphed into mutant freaks, all of it happened. 100 years that almost destroyed the Srenn, 100 years that nearly wiped them off the star charts. The Srenn realised further conflict would only drag them further into the abyss of destruction, and so peace was declared, as well as two important treaties: The Shekvar treaty, that began the process of colonising other worlds, and Devorik Treaty, that established the ASCI.

The colonists that landed on Bounty, representatives of the Ixetel Exotic Exports Corporation, discovered the Eotenthians and the Betorns, who had their own nation, the Faroog Commonwealth.

Trade boomed between the ASCI colony there and the Faroog Commonwealth, however the Srenn long desired the integration of the Faroog into the ASCI. However, no one wanted another war after the end of the Century of Strife only 20 years ago. What was thought up was genius: The Rotten Harvest Plan.

The ASCI used their control over the corporations to facilitate the complete and utter collapse of the Faroog economy, using every trick in the book to riddle the Faroog in unescapable debt, before finally, making an offering of 'kindness': The debts owed to the ASCI would be cancelled, if the Faroog Commonwealth would be disbanded and the two races formally joined the ASCI. They had no choice but to accept, and so, the doctrine of Economic Warfare was created by the ASCI.

Now, Ixetel Central has undergone extensive terraforming, but the majority of the government is still underground with the other large cavern cities. The ASCI has decided upon a policy of expansion, that will not be changed unless the unlikey event of encountering foreign life occurs.

Military Forces:
Each corporation manages it's own planetary militia, however the main military force of the ASCI is provided by Gerthold Armed Solutions, who employs highly trained professionals from all planets. Every citizen of the ASCI is required to go through yearly military drills incase of invasion, and in the event of an invasion, are drafted into the Executive Milita if needed.

The armed forces are divided into 5 divisions:

Executive Militia - EM - (Civilians who have been trained in combat, but are not professional soldiers. Only called upon during an invasion.)
Syndicate Planetary Operations Command - SPOC - (Standing Professional Army of Gerthold Armed Solutions, based on Bastion and Citadel.)
Syndicate Naval Operations Command - SNOC -( Standing Professional Navy of Gerthold Armed Solutions, based on Bastion and Citadel.)
Planetary Guard Corp. - PGC -(Standing Army in charge of defending their respective planet, commanded by their respective planetary corporation.)
Planetary Defence Flottilla - PDF -(Standing Navy in charge of defending their respective planet, commanded by their respective planetary corporation.)

The Executive Operations Command Divisions:

EconUnit - Econ -(The special accountants and merchants trained in the Srenn way of Economic Warfare. Based on Ixetel Central.)
Privateer Division ( A fleet of unconventional combat ships that act as the 'Deniable Operations' wing of the ASCI Navy. Based on Citadel.)
Regulation Enforcement Legion (The secret police of the ASC, focused on routing out spies and dissidents.)
The Agency (The division that does not exist on any official records. 'Deniable Operations' wing of the ASCI Ground Forcces. Based on Ixetel Central.)

Ranks in the Ground Forces
Central Executive General (CEG)
Executive General
Executive Commander
Executive Officer
Executive Adjutant
Non Commanding Executive (NCE)

Ranks in the Naval Forces
Central Executive Admiral (CEA)
Executive Admiral
Executive Ensign

Ranks in the EconUnit
Accountant General
Trader General
Executive Trader

Ships of the ASCI Fleet

Resilience-Type Battleship - Centrepiece of the fleet, capable of dealing out and taking large amounts of damage.
Demon-Type Battle Crusiers - Designed to be the Vanguard of the fleet, deals the same amount of damage as a battleship but faster and more manoeuvrable, however weaker shields and armour.
Progress-Type Heavy Cruisers - An average sized ship, generally forming the majority of the fleets forces, average attack and defence.
Revin-Type Dreadnought - Support the Heavy Cruiser in their role as main part of the fleet.
Terik-Type Light Cruisers - Designed to be escorts for the Battle Ships and Cruisers, sacrifice almost all shielding and armour for speed and power.
Hornet-Type Hunter Killers - Used to harry the enemies flanks, poor attack and defence, but amazing speed.

AMOUNT OF ACTVE SHIPS: 4000 Ships in the PDF, 1000 Ships in SNOC. Total amount of ships: 5000

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Associated Syndicate Corporations of Ixetel (ASCI) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Associated Syndicate Corporations of Ixetel (ASCI)   Associated Syndicate Corporations of Ixetel (ASCI) EmptySat May 11, 2013 5:35 pm

Species Name: Srenn

Carbon based humanoid mammals, with 4 eyes. Generally around 2 metres tall with pale green skin. Two arms, Two legs. Generally quite weak bone structure. Able to survive in high altitude environments, uncomfortable in overly warm locations.

The Srenn have a very wealth based society, and as the major race in the ASCI their own social structure could be said to be the predecessor to the ASCI’s, sharing the same form of ideas about how wealth and prestige lead to enlightenment and inner peace. Of course, no Srenn is sure exactly how much wealth and prestige is needed for this, so they accumulate as fast as possible regardless of how much they already have. Every Srenn is expected to do this, and in Srenn culture charity occupies a very important place, generally only given out by monks helping the poor reach enlightenment.

Whilst not exactly a religion, the Srenn belief in wealth has many different monastery corporations, which focus on accumulating wealth to spread out to the poor to help them achieve enlightenment.

Srenn make up almost the entirety of the military and political structure of the ASCI, and tend to be quite libertarian with their beliefs and views.

Species Name: Eotenthians

Massive, muscly humanoids with tan skin. Generally around 5 meters tall, they are effectively identical to humans, except from the fact they have only one large eye.

Eotenthians are a very peaceful race, who love co existing and working hard before going home to sleep. However, they also have very simplistic brains, meaning that they are very slow and gullible, often giving the impression your talking to a child when speaking to one.

Originally a nomadic race before joining with the Betornic, they care very little about matter like philosophy or religion, seeking simply to be calm, kind and peaceful.

Eotenthians make up the labourers of the ASCI, performing menial tasks for little pay. There is a movement demanding better pay for them, however it’s critics have pointed out that they are already perfectly happy, and so there is no reason to increase their wages.

Species Name: Bordic

Reptilian, green skinned aliens that resemble dinosaurs, they have a very advanced mind and two large wings capable of supporting temporary flight. They are general around 1.5 metre’s, smaller than your average humanoid.

The Bordic originally lived in the high mountains of what is now Bounty, spending their days solving complex equations and considering philosophical questions whilst most races were still in there infancy. With their incredible intellect, it is unknown why the Bordic never attempted to gain space travel on their own, however ancient texts seem to suggest it was because the Bordics “couldn’t be bothered” to venture into space when they had all the mental stimulus they needed already.

Bordic’s care little for emotion, instead preferring logic and numbers. This makes them perfect for their role as the administrative class of the ASCI, with their rational minds unswayed by Srenn greed or Eothentian gullibility.

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Associated Syndicate Corporations of Ixetel (ASCI)
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