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 Vathari Internal Events

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Vathari Patrol Frigate Fotem

The starship Fotem rose steadily out of Vathar's gravity and into orbit, creating massive storms over the industrial sector it had landed in as its drives pumped heat and radiation into the atmosphere. As they reached high orbit the two guests they had received entered the bridge. It was an unusual sight, two humans. But the crew did not mind, they had their orders, and they performed them without hesitation or question.
During the short intra-system trip the crew only talked among themselves, and the two guests appeared to remain silent. Anyone with a radio wave detector would know that there had been much discussion among them, however.
"These organic forms, they are so abstract. Even with the cybernetics, there is much discomfort. It's all so... messy. Untidy."
"Anar, you volunteered for this, and the clone is a requirement, lest we scare the Enari. Besides, it's not so bad; it takes some getting used to. Even for me, and do remember that I was born like this."
"Well, the faster this is over, the better I will feel about it."
"You aren't going to do much of the talking, if all goes well you'll just observe."
"Good. I will do a systems check until we reach the rendezvous orbit. I will be done in seven hours."

Enari Transnational Space Station High Union

Pehll waited patiently, floating in microgravity in front of an airlock. From a nearby window he saw the massive Vathari vessel maneuver past the station's gravity rings and line up with the docking port. It had been a proud moment for him when they had installed the rotating sections. It had freed up space and allowed more residents to live on the station at a time, which he felt was especially important, given that another visit year had come.
His pride was significantly diminished when the airlock opened and he saw the two envoys, standing in what was clearly some sort of artificial gravity. Nevertheless, he smiled warmly.
"Welcome, Vathari ambassadors, to High Union. I am Admiral Pehll Xeck*, here to represent the World Assembly."
"Thank you, Admiral Xeck. I am Adrianna, and this is Anar Hallon. As you are aware, we are here for the assessment."
"Of course. In the main ring of the station many of our nations have their envoys waiting. It is a five minute walk from here to there." He pushed down on the wall above him, and his feet landed on a soft Velcro-like surface, the matching surface on his shoes attaching to it. The two Vathari walked out of the airlock and did the same, their shoes being identical to his.
"We received your notification of the Velcro-lined tunnels. Very ingenious."
"Thank you, our researchers worked for some time to find the right balance between how well the material connects and how comfortable it is to walk on. It's not the same as gravity, but it is less hazardous than propelling oneself down the tunnel, and more natural than a ladder. Do you have anything you would like to discuss?"
Adrianna shook her head slightly, and Anar remained emotionless.
"Very well, follow me."

As they walked down the tunnel, Pehll took the time to examine the Vathari. They both matched the descriptions in the files they had sent to Command. Both had pale skin, and were both wearing plain white shirts that had no right sleeve, and the characteristic tattoos were obvious. Each had a pair of green lines running down their faces from their right eye's lower lid, the lines curved around the neck to split at the shoulder and run under the armpit, coming up again to form two bands on the forearm. Though it was mostly obscured by their clothing, he also noticed a sort of red hexagon, position to be in line with the heart.
Adrianna stood taller than Anar, about six and a half feet. She had shoulder-length blonde hair and light green eyes. In comparison, Anar was quite plain. His brown hair was in a simple short cut, and his eyes were the same uniform brown. As he looked closer, he noticed that Adrianna had normal skin features, areas of varying color, moles, freckles, and that she walked with a natural movement. Anar's skin was uniform throughout, and each side of his body seemed perfectly symmetrical down the middle. His pace seemed natural, but Pehll noticed that his feet always contacted in the same few spots every time, maintaining the same distances between them. It was quite discomforting, the contrast. Anar almost seemed to be focusing on walking, while Adrianna did it naturally, her focus on other things, such as the design of the station and the view from the occasional view port.
"Is there a reason you have slowed down, Admiral?" Adrianna asked, bringing Pehll back to the moment.
"I could not help but notice how different you two are. Anar is a perfect example of Enari physiology, but he is too perfect. But you, your body varies, your walk is natural. It is almost as if you are an Enari, and this body you take is you, not an avatar."
"I have done this for far longer than Anar has, that is all. I have practice in mimicking your people."
Pehll had a lingering doubt that this was just a cover, but he let it go, as they were nearing the ring.
"The envoys will be gathered at a table just left of the entrance. They will likely have many questions, unfortunately I am not representing any nation or group so I will just be there to observe. The meeting is scheduled to last five hours, but my experience tells me it will go longer."

*Pronounced Pell Shek.
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Vathari Internal Events
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