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 The Free Ship; Arturius

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PostSubject: The Free Ship; Arturius   Mon May 06, 2013 6:57 pm

The solar rays caused a shimmer of feeling along Arturius' left side, gliding as it was between the asteroids of the Nacarnya Belt. The ship could calculate every objects movement, every possible direction of motion. And it was using this to cut the distance between each passing rock closer and closer. Within Arturius' brain, a familiar voice was making itself heard.

''Stop messing about, we have fragile cargo remember?''

The voice sounded annoyed, although surprisingly amused at the same time. That was the paradoxical nature of Arturius' Pilot, Captain Dabayra, a former Captain of the Sansetorian Naval Fleets, a renegade but never a pirate. The crew looked to Dabayra with awe, Arturius knew. All had chosen to accompany their Captain when he made it clear he didn't intend to return to NEXUS controlled space, with none of them even asking why. Arturius had known pleasure in that moment, followed swiftly by a dark feeling. Dabayra had called it a misplaced feeling of guilt.

Guilt that the crew would never see their families again. Guilt that they were one and all exiled for a crime they didn't know they had committed.

Arturius wasn't sure whether it was misplaced at all.
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The Free Ship; Arturius
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