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 [ASC] Adherent States' Congruency

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[ASC] Adherent States' Congruency Empty
PostSubject: [ASC] Adherent States' Congruency   [ASC] Adherent States' Congruency EmptySat May 04, 2013 9:58 pm

Faction Name: Adherent States' Congruency
Faction Type: Communist meritocracy
Species: Gyraci
Gyrakarr/Gani II (Population and research)
Gani III (Previously mining, now population and research)
Triani VI (Population and research)
Anit V (Research)
Yagan II (Research)
Triani IV (Mining)
Triani III (Mining)

Culture: The ASC is based on the Gyraci ideals of community and mutual benefit.

[Currently being rewritten]

Tech Ratings
Biology: TR3
Chemistry: TR4
Data: TR3
Fields: TR4
Kinetics: TR3
Particles: TR3

Gelatinous Kinetic Shielding
TR4 Chemistry
TR4 Fields
Adheres to the surface of ASC warship and itself, used to lessen the kinetic energy of incoming projectiles. Does little against energy weapons. Changes state based on charge, to be deployed and stored as a liquid and only turned into a gel once it is pumped through the hull pores, which charge it.

Electromagnetic Mass Driver
TR4 Fields
TR3 Kinetics
Starship-mounted weapon that fires shells using electromagnetic coils in the barrel. Shells can carry payloads, but most do not.

Laser Point-Defense
TR3 Particles
Point-defense weapon used to destroy or weaken projectiles before they can impact. Most often used for defending vital locations as opposed to the entire hull.

Ballistic Point-Defense
TR3 Kinetics
Point-defense weapon used to destroy or weaken projectiles before they can impact. Fires physical rounds.

TR4 Fields
TR3 Particles
Ring-shaped devices that create and stabilize wormholes for travel. Wormgate mass drivers are used for launching ring-ships to the target system to deploy the second wormgate to enable safe travel.

Military Forces: Approximately 1500 ships of various classes. Classes will be expanded on during roleplay. They are all equipped with electromagnetic mass drivers, laser point-defense, ballistic point-defense, and gelatinous kinetic shielding. They vary from half-kilometer to 2 kilometers in length.

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Posts : 54
Join date : 2012-10-18

[ASC] Adherent States' Congruency Empty
PostSubject: Gyraci species   [ASC] Adherent States' Congruency EmptySat May 04, 2013 9:58 pm

Species Name: Gyraci (heer-ah-shee)
Physiological Description: The slender body of a Gyraci stands nearly 250 centimeters tall, with a long neck attached to the spine between the shoulders, and largely empty space between the ribcage and pelvis, occupied only by densely packed abdominal muscles and the spine itself. The upper body of a Gyraci – though skeletal in appearance -- is deceptively strong, covered in uniquely dense muscle. Only the forearms and abdomen appear particularly muscular, lending an almost ape-like appearance to their already slouching form.

Their neck is roughly 45 centimeters long and incredibly flexible, allowing them to look around corners, through bushes, or over obstacles without exposing the rest of their body. They can also reduce the length of their neck at will by decreasing the amount of space between each vertebrate, or bend it in a hook-shape to achieve a similar effect.

Their skull is incredibly angular, with a face like a rounded rhombus folded down the center, with a pointed chin protruding down from the jaw. Two bulbous eyes are situated on the face, with large pupils and bright irises with a variety of hues. Their ears have no external features save for a pair of holes on either side of the skull, but their hearing is hypersensitive.

Below the waist, their musculature is thicker though their pelvis is as prominent as their ribcage and the rest of their upper body. Their legs are double jointed, capable of reversing in a mimicry of bird leg structure. This posture utilizes their leg muscles the most efficiently, enabling them to run at high speeds and perform exceptional leaps with less effort than their normal posture.

Native Culture: The Gyraci have always had a strong sense of community, going as far back as their tribal days where they foraged for fruit and scavenged the kills of wyrms in the jungles of Gyrakarr. The most intellectually inclined of the tribes often became the leaders, as they were able to maximize the yield and minimize the risk. It was this weighing of risk and reward that lead to the first tools being made and deadly battles being fought between tribes, as opposed to non-lethal brawls with hand-to-hand combat.

Their sense of honor is also deeply rooted in this communal mindset, where something is considered honorable or dishonorable based on how much it benefits the group over the individual, with martyrdom and self-sacrifice praised over selfish actions.

Gyraci children are treated carefully, as they begin growth slowly but are highly impressionable. A single child who finishes their initial growth stage can mean all the difference for the tribe. Possessing a unique perspective on situations, both free from experience and restrained by a lack of it, Gyraci children are often brought in on plans, so they may help and learn.

Aside from children, most Gyraci are physically equal, with very little age-based degradation, and no difference between the sexes.

Factions: Adherent States' Congruency

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[ASC] Adherent States' Congruency
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