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 [ACCEPTED] The Anun'a Federation (WiP)

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[ACCEPTED] The Anun'a Federation (WiP) Empty
PostSubject: [ACCEPTED] The Anun'a Federation (WiP)   [ACCEPTED] The Anun'a Federation (WiP) EmptySat Oct 20, 2012 12:42 pm

Species Name: Anunka’os (plural), Anun’a (singular).

Physiological Description:
The Anunka’os are a species of extremophile humanoids. Their skin is usually pale blue, although some individuals are white. Their height varies from individual to individual, and there is usually no difference in size between males and females. They are also hairless. The Anunka’os present a remarkable adaptation to the sub-zero environments they live in: their cells are saturated with a protein possessing strong antifreeze properties. This makes them perfectly capable of living in temperatures close to -150 degrees Celsius. However, the Anunka’os are so well adapted to their extreme environment that they find it hard to live with temperatures over zero degrees Celsius, and beyond 30 degrees they will most likely die. This vulnerability to higher temperatures means that Anunka’os can only visit warmer worlds while wearing a special suit.

Biological History:
The Anun’a home world, Talvi, was never a particularly hospitable planet. The planet’s large ice shelves reflected a lot of the heat from the nearby sun into space, keeping the atmosphere from warming up. The origin of the Anunka’os is not well known, although it is speculated they evolved from ape-like creatures possessing the same antifreeze capacities as modern Anunka’os. How the Anunka’os reached their current level of development is unknown, however, as archaeological evidence of previous periods is scattered and severely lacking.

Social Structure:
The Anunka’os live below and above ground in tight-knit communities governed by democratically elected councils. These communities are strictly egalitarian, with resources distributed according to the needs of each member. Males and females are considered equals, and there is no real hierarchy in Anun’a society, with even elected council members being treated as equals by their fellow citizens.
Anun’a society is otherwise governed by the Higher Council, which can be considered as the leading organisation of the Anunka’os worlds. The Higher Council deals with foreign and major internal affairs, issuing directives and generally governing the Anunka’os.

Native Culture:
The Anunka’os strive to achieve balance in all things, whether it be personal, economic or ecological. This philosophy has a few variations, with one version being purely rational and scientific in nature while another is quasi-religious. This philosophy of balance is mostly due to the extreme climatic conditions the Anunka’os live in. Situations that are considered as unbalanced or as sources of unbalance are war, social inequality and overpopulation, so the Anunka’os will try to avoid them through the peaceful resolution of conflict and population control.
Foreign influences are often seen as major threats to balance, and the Anunka’os will often lapse into long periods of isolationism. Where diplomacy and expeditions are concerned, the Anunka’os are a very timid race and view the outside world with apprehension and even outright suspicion or fear. Some particularly brave groups or individuals may occasionally leave their home world and go exploring the stars, but will usually return home. Some, however, never returned or only came back after a very long absence, and such individuals are often immortalised in tales known as Mei’tak, stories of adventure and soul-searching that are often told during community events.
Religion and spirituality do not hold central places in Anun’a society, but are nonetheless widespread. These religions are usually derived from the philosophy of balance and add a spiritual dimension to it. In keeping with this philosophy, the Anunka’os follow principles of humility and respect, trying to never hold themselves higher than others.

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[ACCEPTED] The Anun'a Federation (WiP) Empty
PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED] The Anun'a Federation (WiP)   [ACCEPTED] The Anun'a Federation (WiP) EmptySat Oct 20, 2012 12:42 pm

Faction Name: Anun’a Federation.
Faction Type: Federation of democratically elected planetary councils.
Species: Anun’a.
The Anun’a reside in a single star system with nine planets under their control. All these planets have extremely cold climates.



Land Forces:

The Anun'a land forces are divided into two main groups: the Sota'te and the Sota'ye. The Sota'te is comprised entirely of young conscripts, as Anunka'os youths have to go through three years of military service when they reach the age of 20. Should an enemy invade the Federation, the Sota'te's ranks will be swelled by volunteers and older citizens conscripted to defend the home worlds. The Sota'te is thus a purely defensive organisation.
The Sota'ye, on the other hand, is the professional army. Soldiers of the Sota'ye undergo particularly harsh training, and are equipped with power armour and more heavy weaponry than soldiers of the Sota'te. They also serve a more offensive purpose than the Sota'te, and are thus a lot more mobile with large numbers of vehicles and aircraft. When a Sota'ye retires, he or she trains other recruits, whether they be conscripts or aspiring professional soldiers.

Space Forces:

Due to their timidity and their suspicion of the outside world, the Anunka'os never put many resources into developing space warfare. Their ships remain barely capable of achieving FTL speed and seldom leave the home system. Their space fleet is used mostly for defence and support of land forces.
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[ACCEPTED] The Anun'a Federation (WiP)
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