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 [ACCEPTED] Trilistians, And the Krytial hive.

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[ACCEPTED] Trilistians, And the Krytial hive. Empty
PostSubject: [ACCEPTED] Trilistians, And the Krytial hive.   [ACCEPTED] Trilistians, And the Krytial hive. EmptyFri Oct 19, 2012 11:59 pm

Species Name: Trilistians
Physiological Description: The trilistians are a varied species. Builders, Soldiers, Scientists, Nurses, All different sub-species created solely for their jobs. A trilistian pilot is visually different for a trilistian that navigates, And they are both very efficent at their jobs, But are unable to do another. They do share some common traits, However. Their head remains very similar through each sub-species, though there are some differences. They also share the same exo-skeleton coloration. While trilistians speak to each other, They convey emotions through pheromones. While technically omnivores, Their main diet consists of a honey like substance, That is produced by a special sub-species of trilistians, Who mix it together naturally. Contrary to popular belief, the Trilistians do not have a hive mind, and if they do, it's a very minor one. The queen, While also the leader of the trilistians, Is also their sole source of children. Every trilistian sub-species is female only, Save the special male "Breeder" Types, Who are not sapient. All females other then the queen are sterile.
Biological History: The trilistians create new sub-species for every job they need done, and discard of subspecies when they are no longer needed. Hundreds of extinct trilistians species exist, and new sub-species are made each day, Making the exact biological history of the trilistians fuzzy. The trilistians evolved in a harsh environment, warring against other species and hives. The genetic code of these now extinct species can still be found in their machines today. At one point, they had a hive mind one point, but they seem have to have lost it, each trilistian becoming an independent mind. The reason for this is currently unknown. (As in I can't think of anything right now. I'l edit it later.)
Social Structure: The trilistians live in large hives, ruled by a single queen and several assistant "Brain bugs" that help the queen.
Native Culture: They didn't have a culture before the current hive, they were mindless bugs.
Factions: The Krytial hive

Faction Name: Krytial hive
Faction Type: Hive
Species: Trilistian
Planets: Their homeworld, Trunpial. A world covered completely in organic structures, alive or dead. with the lack of space for her hive to grow, Queen Krytial looks towards the stars. Trunpial has a methane atmosphere, and is the gas that trilistians breath.
They have colonized Ristrutra, Another planet with a methane atmosphere in their solar system, and their moon. They are in the beginnings of colonizing Yuntrial, A planet with an oxygen atmosphere.
Culture: Their culture stems quite largely from their former state as a hive mind. Though after the event, their culture shifted slightly. A trilistian's social class is proportional to how important their job is to the hive. Through the years the trilistians developed art and entertainment, although there are no "Artist" Trilistians, but a lot of trilistians can adapt their born jobs for it, architects, engineers, pilots, ect. And they get competitive about it. By nature, trilistians are competitive and violent towards other species.
Technology: The hive's technology is organic, their powering coming from the same power as everything else, food. Power planets are nothing more then gaint digestive tracks, breaking down the organic fuel. The power produced is then sent to varies buildings and machines. Buildings are made up of organic matter, which grows a hard shell on it's exterior.
Trilistians are new to space flight, and is working on an early version of FTL that is current in it's prototype stages.
Military Forces: The trilistian military is large, each soldier born to be soldiers and ready to fight as soon as they reach adulthood. The number of ground troops reach into the millions.
The amount of groundtroops on the homeworld have lessened at the lack of threats, although there is a large number of soldiers on the colonies to keep the local lifeforms at bay. The trilistians utilize acid natural produced by all soldiers and vehicles as a weapon.
Not counting the civilian ships, The hive's military has a fleet of 50 ships and 150 smaller ships.
One "Krytial" class ship, The largest and most armed of the fleet.
Nineteen "Truntial" class ships, large frigates, and the second most armed of the fleet.
Twenty "Ritruntri" class ships, Large carrier ships, meant for the quick deployment of the numerous smaller ships the hive has.
And ten "Quatrilia" Class ships, Bombers, meant for orbital support of ground troops.
All of these ships are outfitted with the early FTL drives.
The military also has;
Fifty "Soltrinuder" Class carriers, Designed for quickly getting soldiers on and off of planets.
Sixty five "Runtiplia" Class fighters, Designed for anti-ship fighting and dog-fights.
25 "Platintri" Class ships, Designed for assisting ground forces.
The queen predicts threats from other species, as there always is, and has built these ships as a pre-caution.

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[ACCEPTED] Trilistians, And the Krytial hive.
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