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 Taciturn Republic

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Faction Name: Taciturn Republic
Faction Type: Oligarchy - (Power effectively rests with a small segment of society distinguished by royalty, wealth, family ties, corporate, or military control.)

Species: Salamandra

Planets: 5 Solar Systems: 15 Planets: 1 612 105 047 515 inhabitants (50% Hybernating).

Culture: Modern Asian.

Most power comes from nuclear fission reactors, called nova sun. They try to mimic the reaction on the sun where hydrogen is compressed and so on.
Space farring technologies:
FTL speed is acheived by pushing the limits of the nova sun reactor to make a phase jump a hyperspace dimention.

Military Forces:
All Salamandra are taught to be soldiers before the first evolution meaning they can deploy a much larger force than the ones in active military service.
Nummers will come

Species Name: Salamandra
Physiological Description: 150 cm tall humannoid Salamanders with 3 fingers on each hand and foot. They are coldblooded, and got a strong but soft bone structune making them extra flexible which also affects their fighting style.
In their life they go through 5 hybernation cycles which regenerates their bodies completely, their colours changes acording to their stage of evolution:
Blue – Green – Yellow – Orange – Red – Purple
When in the hybernation cycle their body will produce a cocoon/cell like container to protect them from their environment. It literally resets the age of their body.
The last stage of their hybernation is acheived with the help of machines and it is not all who can are capable of going into a 5th hybernation cycle. After the last hybernation cycle they gain the title elder. They then start to wither like everything else and will eventually die of old age or sickness.
When injured (mortally woulded, lost limb or serious illness) they enter a coma like state of meditation as they progress though the evolutions their regenerative abilities lessens.

Biological History: Evolved from salamanders into humanoid salamander beings.

Social Structure: Hive Community – Hives are like super cities. Some are above ground and some are under.

Native Culture:
Before the unification of the Salamandra specie there were a big diversity in cultures. Pits and peices survived from different cultures.
They are closest to modern asian cultures where personal and family honour is a big deal. They are taught to fight hand to hand from child and later with swords.
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Taciturn Republic
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