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 README: Getting Started

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PostSubject: README: Getting Started   Wed Oct 17, 2012 7:53 pm

Welcome to Stellar Sovereignty. This is a forum board for an ongoing faction-building roleplay set largely in space. There will be spaceships, aliens, war, and politics. If you do not enjoy roleplaying any of those, this likely is not the place for you, but you are welcome nonetheless.

In each section there is a README topic stickied at the top. These README threads are important to maintaining order and structure. Be sure to read the section README before posting in a section, to ensure that your post will not be in violation of any rules stated.

In order to begin roleplaying, you will need to read the Species Index README, fill out the listed applications, and post them in the appropriate section.

Once you have an approved species and faction, you are free to begin posting in the roleplaying section. After reading the Roleplaying README, you are free to roleplay with whoever you like so long as they allow you to roleplay in their threads, but keep in mind that you cannot have one character in two places at the same time. Also try to avoid roleplaying large spans of time in a short real world period.

I will be posting notices for when a 'cycle' has been completed, to keep everyone roughly in the same time zone. If you find yourself falling behind the announced cycle, try to catch back up so you can roleplay with everyone else who is there. I will do my best to avoid announcing a new cycle in a fashion that disrupts large amounts of roleplay.

For now, that is all. Have fun; I bid you good luck in your ventures.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you happen to be that one guy playing humans, keep in mind that this takes place in a completely different galaxy and Earth should be no more than a legend, if even that. For all humans know, they originated on the colony their sleeper ships ended up on, and Earth is just an old fairy tale to make children feel like special little snowflakes in the vast sea of stars.
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README: Getting Started
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